South Korea detains suspect crossing heavily fortified border | World News

South Korea A North Korean man has been detained for allegedly trying to cross the heavily armed land border separating the two countries.

According to South Korean media reports, the man was seen crossing the barbed wire fence just before 7.30pm on Tuesday.

He was arrested around 9.50am on Wednesday after surveillance equipment spotted him at the eastern tip of the militarized zone. [DMZ], 248 km (155 mi) of mining land.

Although reports say he was not in uniform, it is unclear whether the man was a soldier or a civilian.

“An investigation is planned to find out the details of the man, including how he landed and whether he wanted to make a mistake,” South Korea’s joint leaders said in a statement.

The Ministry of Defense has refused to confirm a Yonhap news agency report that the military has issued an anti-Jindotke intrusion warning to the eastern border.

The incident comes just weeks after a South Korean fisheries minister was killed North Korea Tensions have risen amid claims by North Korean troops across the country’s maritime borders Shot him, Immersed his body in fuel and set it up. The South Korean intelligence chief this week said there was “circumstantial evidence”. Kim Jong-un, Began an investigation into the shooting.

The lowest of the 31,000 North Koreans Reduced to the south They have done so over the past two decades via the DMJT, which occasionally sets the stage for military clashes but is also the setting for cross-border negotiations. Most of the defects enter China and come south through a third country, mostly Thailand.

In 2018, a North Korean soldier flew to South Korea via the eastern part of the TMJet, while another was shot dead by his comrades while crossing the border. Dramatic escape To the south in 2017.

South Korea resumed tours south of the border village பன்முஞ்சோம் On Wednesday, a year after they were suspended due to an outbreak of African swine flu in the north, most recently, concerns over the spread of the corona virus.

At a ceremony on Wednesday to mark the resumption of the tours, Southern Coordination Minister Lee In-Young was undoubtedly mentioned, but called for free travel within the DMZ and recently among all Koreans. Hotlines between Korea have been cut off To be re-established.

“The re-establishment of round-the-clock communication channels will be a basis for restoring relations between the two Koreas,” Lee said.

North Korean state media have not commented on Wednesday’s incident on the border that separates countries from the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. South Korea It said it did not notice any unusual activity by the northern military.

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