South Carolina Camcocks attack coordinator Mike Bobo explains the decision to start Colin Hill quarterfinals

One of South Carolina’s biggest standing wars was resolved Thursday afternoon, and tonight was able to weigh in on attack coordinator Mike Bobo Camcox’s decision.

Colin Hill will start with South Carolina opener Tennessee and the Carolina calls on Thursday night, discussing why Camcocks moved with the quality transfer from the state of Colorado.

“Determining a quarterback means that when a guy steps on that huddle he knows those 10 people are the huddle and the 70 guys are that guy; when he gets under the center, you have a chance to get the first downs, which are equivalent touchdowns,” Mike Bobo said.

“When they went back to all of them, they competed hard, but throughout all three scrimmage, Colin was very consistent in the camp. I graded everything. I graded every scrimmage for each of these kids. Every exercise they did was a quality report to them about it. I did this with a good tooth-comb. “

As Camcox went through camp with Bobo, the match lasted a month, and Hill said he critiqued and evaluated everything the quarterbacks did by eventually winning the battle.

Hill, who came with Bobo from the state of Colorado, has played in 18 games over the past three seasons where he has completed 60.7 percent of his pass and averaged 7.7 yards to finish, and understands the system better than anyone on the attacking list.

Nick Muse said Hill initially had an NFL hand at camp and could make a lot of throws on the field.

Hill’s health is the biggest question mark as his third ACL replaces the tears, but Bobo Hill said he did not see any trauma in favor of the knee.

“There was nothing in favor of it, nothing to intimidate, nothing to step on with every throw. Twice he was scared when he came back,” Bobo said. “Now he’s like, ‘If I get hurt, I get hurt. Nobody’s mobile guys, but we still have to go in the pocket and find our way up and down. ”

Hill knocked out current Ryan Hilinsky, who started the last 11 games last season after playing in the latter half of the season with an injured knee.

Hilinski finished with 58.1 percent of his pass and averaged 5.8 yards per attempt last season but lost to Hill.

Bobo mentioned seeing good things from Sophomore, but thought he was on the edge of the hill after four weeks of training.

“Ryan has a bright future. Same thing we said to Ryan when we got here: we basically had things to work on. To his credit, he worked his tail. He spent more time in football, he told me today than he had in his entire life. He is becoming a better footballer. He’s going to be the best student in the game, ”Bobo said.

“I think he’s going to lead this team to big things one day. Now we thought Colin was ahead of him in decision making. I think we’m lucky to have two boys who have played football and experience.”

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