Soccer star Alex Morgan doesn’t understand FIFA’s controversial choice for Saudi World Cup sponsor: ‘Really weird’ | sport

Alex Morgan, one of the world’s most famous professional footballers, has reacted in horror to the news that FIFA has partnered with FIFA for the Women’s World Cup in New Zealand and Australia VisitSaudi as the main sponsor of the tournament. She even called the news “weird”.

Morgan, one of the stars of the American football team that won the world title in France at the expense of the Orange Lionesses in 2019, is furious. “It’s absurd. As a union, you are going to work with a party from a country where I am not even accepted. I don’t understand any of this.

Morgan also came across the fact that the Saudi Arabia women’s team is not even ranked in the FIFA rankings. According to Morgan, the money had now passed VisitSaudi in the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia, pumping is more appropriate to promote women’s football in Saudi Arabia. “I really hope FIFA will still do the right thing. I mean, pretty much everyone has spoken out against the proposed sponsorship because it just doesn’t make any moral sense.”

The sponsorship agreement between FIFA and the Saudi tourism branch is part of the football governing body’s commercial strategy. In addition to FIFA’s major permanent sponsors, other organizations also have the option of specifically sponsoring a tournament.

The fact that FIFA has partnered with Saudi Arabia for the Women’s World Cup doesn’t just go against Morgan. The country has a questionable record when it comes to human rights and the treatment of women. FIFA’s decision therefore sparked a storm of criticism.

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FIFA called on the mat

“If this turns out to be true, we will be shocked and disappointed,” New Zealand Football said. Football Australia also released a statement. “Football Australia have been advised that FIFA have reached an agreement. We are very disappointed that we were not consulted on this before a decision was made. Football Australia and New Zealand Football have jointly written to FIFA to urgently clarify the situation.”

Women in Football Australia chair Bonita Mersiades is also angry. In exchange for Athleticism she says: “Saudi Arabia’s proposed sponsorship of the Women’s World Cup is yet another example of the hypocrisy of FIFA and world football when it comes to their stated values ​​in the face of big money.”

FIFA President Gianni Infantino.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino. ©AFP

The Australian Brisbane weather contacted FIFA, but the World Football Association declined to comment.

Visiting Saudi Arabia and the Women’s World Cup is not a good game

Human rights organizations are also aware of the controversy. Nikita White of Amnesty International Australia does not understand that FIFA is going to work with Visit Saudi. “It would be quite ironic if the Saudi Tourism Board were to sponsor the biggest celebration of women’s sport in the world, considering that as a woman in Saudi Arabia you are not even allowed to work without permission from your male guardian.”

Lionel Messi

Visit Saudi was a Premier Partner of the World Cup in Qatar last year. In the person of Lionel Messi, there is an ultimate billboard. The star player of Paris Saint-Germain receives a salary of 35 million dollars a year as an ambassador.

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