Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Nettles to Judge TBS Talent Contest

TBS adds a talent contest to its list – it is not looking for the next best singer or comedian.

Ordered 10 episodes of Cable Store Co-Big Show, Which will feature “super-sized skills” including monster truck drivers, alligator trainers and stunt archers. The show has begun production in the state of Georgia; Host Bert Greiser and Judges Snoop talk, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles And Cody Rhodes aired Wednesday night in an ad aired on DBS and sister networks DNT and Trudeau.

Co-Big Show Celebrates unique, extraordinary and unforgettable American talent, “said Corey Henson, executive VP of DBS, DNT and Trudeau, and head of unscripted programming. Greater talent than life.”

Brett Weights, General Manager, DNT, DBS and Trudeau, added, “We go big and bold on DPS with our unwritten lineup to deliver the content that viewers want from our platform. , But it’s another example of our innovative spirit as we continue to create brand – defined, watch TV. “

The episodes will mix further action with the personal stories of the contestants, who will go upside down in an attempt to win over the judges. For the winner, 000 100,000 prize is available.

The Co-Big Show is filmed in accordance with COVID-19 security protocols, and contestants and staff are isolated for the duration of the shoot. The auditorium seats will be vacant during filming, but the show will show the audience outside.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, including Propagate and Metador. Executive Producers Todd Lupine and J. Peterson of Matador Content; Howard d. Owens, Ben Silverman and Greg Lipstone of campaign content; Shoranner Conrad Green; Creischer, Snoop Dogg and Ted Chung for Snoopadelic Films.

Chrysler was cut by UDA, Levity Entertainment Group and Morris Jorn. Snoop Toke was cut by Ted Chung and Ben Weiss of Stombeed Management. Dawson is cut by CAA and unnamed entertainment. Nettles Kellman Management and C.A.A. Rhodes is with Hyperion, Activist Artists Management and Morris Jorn.

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