Shoppers line up for the newly opened stores at the long-awaited American Dream Mall

Three hundred people line up outside Newly opened In Primark American dream. A Thursday. A International spread.

Other retailers, such as Hot Topic and Pax Sun, also watched customers and waited to buy sweat, jeans and other items.

The corona virus infection may have delayed the opening of the American Dream phase, but the audience was ready when 3.3. The million-square-foot campus in East Rutherford was finally reopened – three months after the indoor malls were allowed to reopen.

U.S. Dream representatives have said they want to keep the target as safe as possible before calling people back.

“The first thing we wanted to do was create a safe space outside of your home,” said Mark Kermesian, co-CEO of American Dream.

Like hundreds of other people, he wore a mask and wandered into the American dream, following the floor signs that led people in one direction on each side of the bright white halls of the modern building.

“People don’t want to travel,” he said, due to the epidemic. “This is the best thing locals can do.”

The American Dream reopened Thursday

Dozens of shops, DreamWorks Water Park and Angry Birds are no more so the Mini Golf Club reopened.

Young and old, couples, families and friends, groups of four or more and fewer were in the middle of the week.

“After several months at home – a new mall has opened,” said shopkeeper Jennifer Neves NJ. Advance told the media that a child had pushed the stroller. “We were excited for it in March. We never did it. I came today when my son was in school.”

Mega Mall Its phase began with the opening Last October at its Nickelodeon Universe theme park, The Ring, NHL regulated ice skating rink and a few kiosks and seasonal attractions – such as pumpkin decorating and pictures with Santa. Then in December the Big Snow, indoor ski slope, Unlocked, Followed closely IT’SUGAR, Three-story chocolate department store.

The American dream of the corona virus closed in March, a few days ago DreamWorks Water Park And an unpublished number of stores were to be opened.

The reopening of the facility on Thursday finally allowed visitors into the water park and allowed dozens of merchants.

Representatives of the American Dream said at one point Media tour 80 to 100 stores will open on Thursday or sooner than Wednesday. NJ Advance Media trades 55 stores on Thursday.

Visitors walked through the halls of vast, modern intricate invention shops with doors open here and there, while others covered the building with plain and colorful murals still going on.

Instagram worthy moments in the American Dream

A photo selection outside the newly opened store in American Dream.

Hosts posed for Instagram-worthy images throughout the property, with its moss-covered arches, including The Secret Garden. They rode mechanical animals around the halls they had rented from Dream Riders. Many took cups of coffee from Dunkin ‘Donuts, one of the fast food and beverage outlets. (Others Chinnaban and Hogan Das).

The American Dream did not answer questions about how many people would return to its parks or reopen on Thursday.

Alto, Hollister, Asix, Dorit, Lewis, Lush and Zara had the largest concentration of open-air stores on the first level.

A DJ played music near an escalator on the second level, which inspired an advance dance party involving the staff of Bath & Body Works and Sebora. An employee from a nearby MAC cosmetics store looked across the hall.

Primark, the largest open leaseholder of American Dream of approximately 60,000 square feet, is located on the third floor near Urban Planet, making its debut in American Dream in New Jersey. Its parent company also has Charlotte Russe and Mandy.

The opening was an important moment for the American dream – a development First conceived In the early 2000s, the Canadian-based Triple Five, its current developer, saw numerous missteps, construction sites, money problems and ownership changes before it slowly opened last year.

Nathaniel King, of Natley, said he has been following Malin’s long-term development plan for many years.

“It’s nice to finally be open,” he said.

American Dream’s lease list reads like many shopping malls, including an Abercrombie Kids (open), a foot locker (not yet opened), an old Navy (open) and a Lululeman (not opened yet).

But there are other tenants who make it unique. An Amazon 4-star (not yet open) This will contain rotating inventory of 4-star or better products from the popular website. Scouts & Sounds has opened its first retail store in American Dream. Previously the wholesaler sold Bluetooth earbuds and Fiat brand electric scooters for $ 400 for 15mph.

And don’t forget the attractions. Nickelodeon Universe, DreamWorks Water Park, two mini golf courses, ice skating rink and ski and snowboard park.

Princeton residents Kyle Majkovsky and Richard Wannameker visited the amusement park last year and plan to pilot new features at the mall again.

“We have a lot of malls,” Majkovsky told NJ Advance Media. “But we’ll take a 45-50 minute drive to get here, because it’s so big, it’s more than an evening. It’s an entertainment center.”

That’s the developer’s vision, Kermesian said. More Disney, less shopping center.

“We put a Ferris wheel in a mall and don’t call it an experience,” Kermsian said. “We are pioneers.”

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