‘Selfie ban’ in Italian attraction Portofino, fines up to 275 euros | Abroad

In the picturesque Italian coastal town of Portofino, people are no longer allowed to stand still or loiter in certain areas, according to new regulations. Critics say it’s a selfie ban, but that’s denied by Mayor Matteo Viacava.

The village on the Italian Riviera, in the province of Genoa, attracts crowds of tourists every year. Under the new rules, anyone lingering or lingering too long in certain ‘red zones’ could be fined. Fines can go up to 275 euros.

The measure sparked outrage, especially in Britain. The targeted areas are precisely the places with a good view of the famous and photogenic bay, which is why some talk about a ban on selfies.

Mayor Viacava defended himself on Monday against claims that the rules are meant to deter tourists. “No one here has banned selfies. It’s not that you have to believe everything the English write,” he told Italian news agency ANSA. According to the mayor, the rallies in certain areas are prohibited for security reasons.

The measure would mainly target cruise tourists. Every day they come from the port of La Spezia for several hours to the famous sites of Cinque Terre and Portofino, causing traffic jams in the narrow streets.

According to the media, a second measure is also in preparation. People in bathing suits or bare feet would also no longer be welcome in Portofino. “Portofino is a gem, and proper behavior is part of that,” Viacava said.

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