Season 2 Why only 7 episodes? What the creators said about Season 3

Fans Hulu comedy series PEN15 Diving time was not wasted on the second season, which was released on the streaming service on September 18, 2020. However, some may have been surprised to find only seven new chapters. Learn what Creators PEN15 The future of the show and when more episodes can be expected.

‘Ben 15’ Season 1 aired in 2019

PEN15 Its 10-episode premiered in February 2019 with the first season. The series depicts the lives of two young men, Maya Ishii-Peters and Anna Kongal, who are best friends. They start their 7th grade school year excited about the upcoming thing, but quickly realize that everything is changing – and fast.

What makes this series unique is that Maya and Anna play Maya Erskine and Anna Kongal, The two adult actors have co-created the series. Depicting the versions themselves as they were at the beginning of the century allows for a subtle performance that has attracted the attention of millennials everywhere.

The first half of Season 2 is down to 2020

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The fans and critics were so welcoming PEN15 News that Hulu has ordered a second season a few months after the first drop. Erskine and Konkal, Pigeon, who are also executive producers and have written credits for several episodes, are here now, second season.

Well, part of it. PEN15 Season 2, Part 1 consists of seven episodes that take place where they left off the previous season. Anna and Maya continue their 7th grade year, gaining new experiences, good and bad, as Maya’s role in the school game moves from Anna’s parents to divorce.

When will ‘PEN15’ Season 2, Part 2 be released?

Episode 7 was created for the end of a solid season, but there is more to come. According to TV line, Which is reported PEN15s The second season premiere date in July 2020 is “The 14-episode season will be split into two parts, with the second installment of seven episodes set to run until 2021.”

Season 2 shooting started in late 2019 or early 2020, as evidenced by the above Instagram. They have been restarted following the strike. “We’re almost done shooting, but Govt stopped us in the middle, so the next seven episodes … probably won’t be out for a year now,” Kongal said. W Magazine In September 2020.

Shared about the future of ‘PEN15’ here

Anna Ben (Anna Kongal) and Maya Ishii-Peters (Maya Erskine) in ‘Ben 15’ Season 2, ‘Play’ | Laura Solanki / Hulu

As Kongal said in the W magazine interview, the second half PEN15 Season 2 will also have “R-rating and mature storylines” as the characters experience the growing pains of adolescence. But just as middle school seems to last forever, they hope to do the same in their series about it.

“We hope to keep the show going [about] Anna and I are in 7th grade, forever, ”Erskine said Entertainment Weekly In 2019. Here is the whole point of the show: That Purification. These two characters are not about going to high school. “So a Season 3 pick would mean even more, maybe a little more biting.

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