Scammers mimic the voices of family members on the phone

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. For example, consider the ChatGPT project. This AI technology can mimic everything from random faces in photos to the voices of people around you now.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTA), a US regulator, points out that fraud is being done by cloning votes using artificial intelligence. And that’s not something that happens every now and then. The telecom regulator notes that this happens frequently warning Shares.

“A fraudster can use AI to clone your loved ones voice. “All he needs is a small audio clip of your relative’s voice — which he can get from videos posted online — and a program to clone the voice,” the FTC said in the warning. “When the scammer calls you, he sounds like your family member.”

The stories being shared now come mainly from American and Canadian media, but that doesn’t mean the technique can’t be used in the Netherlands. The media reports that most of the victims are elderly and hear their grandchild’s voice when they receive the call. In American media, according to RTL news The number of fraud cases was not specified. In Canada, eight seniors have been scammed by this type of AI in three days. Transferred, it covers an amount of €135,000.

This type of fraud responds to the feeling of the person being called. The scammer claims to be in a panic and mentions that the caller needs to transfer money urgently. Scammers will say they are under arrest and need money to bail.

The telecoms regulator advises US consumers to only call phone numbers of family members you know. “Don’t trust any voice on the phone. Call the person who allegedly contacted you and verify the story. Use a phone number that you know is theirs.

According to RTL News, mirroring voices is nothing new. The technology has been around for years and has so far been mainly used to defraud companies, partly because of costs and expertise. Recently, these programs have become cheaper and easier to use, making them accessible.

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