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The fact that Leendert van der Lugt, the winner of the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Marathon, walked a large part of the course bare-chested on Saturday, surprised many spectators and athletics fans. Should this really be the case? The answer is yes’.

Van der Lugt does not tolerate heat very well. That’s why he took off his jersey and the bib number on it at the start of the race, just after leaving Terneuzen. A little embarrassed – that is – he walked tens of kilometers through the country Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Upon arrival, he had carefully put his shirt back on.

His luck, in retrospect, is that the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen competition is not an official competition of the Athletics Union. There is also no dress code on the race site. At the Athletics Union, it is forbidden to remove a jersey.

The association’s regulations state: “In all events, the athletes’ clothing must be clean and worn in such a way as not to offend. Clothing should be made of a material that is not transparent, even when wet. Athletes must not wear clothing that could complicate the jury’s decision.’ And also: “The clerk of the course or the referee can give instructions to an athlete concerning (the wearing of) competition clothing. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the warning or disqualification of the athlete.

Coastal Marathon

The Marathon du Littoral is not an official competition either. As a result, residents of Zoutelande can also manage the applicable rules somewhat more flexibly. This was visible in 2015, when Erwin Harmes started to pitch a few tens of meters before the finish due to a mineral deficiency. When he couldn’t continue on his own, André Stroo and Lein Lievense helped him over the line. This would not have been possible in an official race. You have to finish yourself.

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