RTX 3080 Review: It’s time to embark on PC gaming

Now is the best time to join PC Gaming. High generation graphics cards are cheaper than the last generation. AAA games will finally use that graphical power if new consoles are released. Most importantly, the PC ecosystem has never been so strong and consumer friendly.

The question is, “How much do you have to spend?”

The Goldilox entry of NDDIA’s latest graphics cards is the RTX3080. At 99 699, it is more powerful and expensive than the RTX 3070, but less powerful and A lot Cheaper than the RTX 3090.

If you read all these letters and numbers like alphabetical soup, here’s what you really need to know: The RTX 3080 is capable of running effectively at 4 frames per second at 60 frames per second with maximum display settings. This graphics card will make more use of any brand new TV or monitor.

Yes, the latest Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will technically play video games at higher frame rates than 4K, but don’t expect the hardware to handle the high-tax graphics tricks available in PC games’ graphics options.

For example, I used the extra power of the RTX 3080 to streamline various new features.

  • I have toured the clouds Microsoft Flight Simulator At maximum settings on my Ultravide monitor.
  • I changed the new one Marvel’s Avengers As a destructive simulator, using graphical options to fill the screen with parallel crumbs following every crush of Hulk’s fists or Mrs. Marvel’s punch.
  • I revisited some of my favorite old games like Red Division: Gorilla, Raises their frame rates to 144 frames per second – the maximum speed of my monitor.
  • Like new games too Control We’ve seen unnecessary increases in performance, with all systems running beyond 60 frames per second, including radiation tracking, “Oh, wow, this is what video game graphics look like in the future” reflected on every glossy surface. Do I want to see the reflection of my character on every glass panel? No. Do I like it? Yes!

Of course, all of the above games run without these features and run on very low power and affordable hardware. In fact, they attract without these features, running on a gaming system from four years ago. The RTX 3080 is undoubtedly a “must have” graphics card, not a “required” graphics card. If you want expensive hardware to play AAA games on high settings for many years, I can’t recommend it enough.

Image: Nvidia

As a fan of the original display, I like to look at the small details that can assemble a large graphics card like the 3080. Disabling the latest games, it realizes my habit in video game photography adventures floating through the virtual worlds.

But if you only need a way to get down to video games, then what to do?

No matter how much power you put into it, my main point is true. PC gaming has never been better, and it would be a shame for anyone who loves this hobby to miss it. In No Escape, Adam Clark recently wrote An effective guide to medium and low budget PC gaming. Clark answers questions before investing in PC components, and then shares with communities to help you make the most of your money.

If you are on a tight budget, I personally recommend the older generation hardware of the last few years, which should play modern games on serviceable settings, sometimes accessing what we see from the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But most importantly, they will add you to the PC ecosystem.

Now is the perfect time to get down to PC games. The latest hardware crawler already creates a fantastic way to play video games even better. Provides PC gaming access and selection. You can buy games on Steam or GOG or the epic game store. You can try small indie games on or support indie PC creators on the Patron. With a modest bundle you can get tons of games at a cheap price (often in favor of a good cause). You can subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and try out 100 PC games and stream many more via xCloud on Android devices. I expect every Xbox exclusive to appear on the system. As we have already seen, I would not be surprised if PlayStation features appear on the computer as well Death Stranding And Harrison Zero Dawn.

For many, separating the difference may be the preferred option. In October, Nvidia will offer the aforementioned RTX 3070, which the company claims will be more powerful in part than its previous top-end graphics card, the RTX 2080D. I used an RTX 2080 Ti last year. It was incredibly powerful and I did it no matter what the task. However, this is a disgusting 200 1,200. 3070 Price $ 499.

Both the RTX 3080 and 3070 have Nvidia’s luxurious new features, the aforementioned radiation tracking DLSS. Here is how my friend Tom Warren describes DLSS in a technical review of the RTX 3080 on the edge.:

Nvidia’s DLSS technology uses neural networks and AI supercomputers to analyze games and sharpen or clean images at low resolutions. In simple terms, DLSS allows you to play a game with low resolution and enhance the image using Nvidia’s image reconstruction technique, whether it’s native 4K or better.

Basically, DLSS allows you to “fake” high resolutions without requiring much power from your graphics card. So not only are the new RTX cards more powerful, they also have the ability to create beautiful images when using less power. These features do not just add a few extra frames per second. In Metro exitUsing the RTX3080, I found that my frame rate almost doubled when DLSS was activated. Not every game has the dramatic nature of a stimulus, but the difference is consistently noticeable and positive in such games Minecraft, Fortnight, And Control. We’ll have to wait and see if the 3070 has similar improvements, but when its sibling leaves the hardware, the initial signs are promising.

Close-up of the page on the RTX 3080.

Image: Nvidia

To be clear, not every game has the option to use these features, but they will be common with next generation titles. This fall, Cyberpunk 2077, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, And take advantage of other games features.

The RTX 3080 (and the cheaper RTX 3070) accomplishes what I wanted about the new video game console launches: big, generation display upgrades. Overnight, my games became known The better, As they are given to me from the future.

That’s why if you want something cheaper than the RTX 3080, but want to use more of the newer games over the next two years, I still recommend the RTX 30-Series cards – even if you are waiting for the RTX 3070 next month. For beginners (and even current PC gamers), the graphics card feels like a generational leap.

Until now, that kind of improvement has been cost-cutting, causing consumers to drown over $ 1,000 on top-notch graphics cards. The new Nvidia cards are different. They make the future available in the present.

Over the past decade, PC Gaming has become the “one-stop shop” for the medium, giving players the freedom to play and play as they please. Like I said above, this is the perfect time for everyone to get down to PC gaming. If you have ways, the RTX 3080 is a great entry point.

The RTX 3080 is now available. Tested on GPU Reviewer’s personal computer with various storage options including Intel i9-9900k CPU, 24GB RAM and SATA and NVMe SSDs. The reviewer used the retail RTX 3080 provided by Nvidia. Has a joint venture with Vox Media. These do not affect the editorial content, however Vox Media may receive commissions for products purchased through affiliate links. You can find out More information on Balagon’s ethical policy here.

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