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Roy Wade’s Amy Connie Barrett signs newspaper ad for ‘Barbarism’

Amy Connie Barrett, The Supreme Court candidate, signed a proclamation in 2006 calling for Roy Wade to be overthrown, calling the abortion rights decision “barbaric” and “the exercise of judicial power”.

The two-page ad, published by the St. Joseph County Right to Life group, an anti-choice organization in South Bend, Indiana, is the most important piece of evidence since Barrett’s personal opposition to Rowe Wade.

Defender The existence of the ad was first announced, Which Barrett did not disclose in documents submitted to the Senate prior to the confirmation hearing.

The first page of the ad, signed by Barrett and her husband Jesse, states that life begins with “fertilization.” Barrett signed an advertisement for the organization each year to mark Roy Wade’s anniversary, while working as a law professor at Notre Dame.

On the second page of the two-page spread, the group denounces Roy and says “most of those abortions were done for social reasons.” It also states that the “increasing majority” of Americans oppose abortion as a “birth control method.”

“It’s time to put an end to Roy Wade’s barbaric legacy and restore the law that protects the lives of unborn children,” it says.

The revelation will put pressure on some Republican senators facing tough re-election battles, including Susan Collins of the Maine Republican Party, who has said she supports the election.

In a statement to the Guardian, the White House said: “As Judge Barrett said on the day he was nominated, a judge must use the law as written. Judges are not policymakers and they must be determined to set aside any policy ideas they hold. ‘”

This report reflects acknowledgment that Barrett’s personal views on abortion may affect the chances of confirmation.

St. Joseph County Right to Life is considered by pro-choice activists in South Bend as an anti-choice group.

In an interview with the Guardian, Jackie Appleman, managing director of St. Joseph County Right to Life, said the organization’s view of life from the beginning of fertilization – rather than fitting one fetus or embryo – has potential implications of in vitro fertilization, which usually involves the creation of multiple embryos.

“Whether the embryos are implanted in the woman and then reduced or it is made into a petri dish and then discarded, you are still finishing a new human life at that point, we oppose it,” Appleman said. When nuclei IVF The procedure was similar to the abortion procedure.

Asked if abortion doctors should be held accountable, Appleman said: “We support the criminalization of abortion doctors. At this point we do not support criminalizing women. We will be in favor of criminalizing the disposal of frozen embryos or selective reduction through the IVF procedure. ”

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