Romney supports voting for the Supreme Court candidate, paving the way for Trump

“My liberal friends have been very accustomed to the idea of ​​wanting a liberal court for decades, but it is not written in the stars,” the Utah Republican told reporters after the decision. He called it “appropriate for a nation … to have a court that reflects the center-right view of the center.”

His criticisms of Trump during the indictment earlier this year and when he voted to remove him from office were, Some question About where Romney will be in the Supreme Court appointment. While Romney’s position does not mean that Trump’s as-yet unnamed candidate will definitely secure votes, it does mean that McConnell and Trump can move forward without delay.

Trump tweeted that he plans to announce his candidate Saturday; Amy Connie Barrett and Barbara Lagova are seen as the best contenders.

The Senate Republicans in the Judiciary Committee met Tuesday afternoon to discuss different scenarios on how quickly the candidate could be processed, but no final decision was made. At the same time as Trump tweeted, Sen said Republicans have decided to wait until Trump elects to announce their schedule. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) Said.

GOP leaders are still mumbling whether to try to fill the vacancy before the election or wait until a lame-duck session, but the prevailing vision in the party should go as fast as possible.

“People are very supportive of the idea that we need to move forward. At the moment, it’s still in the air, ”said Senate Majority Whip John Dune (RS.D.). “Do you speak for me personally? Yes. I think it would be a good idea for us to move forward [before the election]. But obviously, we have different members and they may have different positions. ”

Trump and some Senate allies are proposing a pre-election confirmation, although leaders are unsure about the timing. Dune said it was McCann’s decision. Romney said he did not prioritize time, but was in no mood to make a commitment before or after the election.

Senate Justice Lindsay Graham (RSC) predicts that Trump’s candidate will be confirmed before the election on Tuesday, and when asked about the length of the confirmation hearing, he said, “We will keep this process as it was before.” This will happen very close to a lightning speed stabilization and election by Senate standards.

“My feeling is that he’s going to wait until an announcement comes in, and then he’s going to make a final decision,” Howley said.

Other possible swing votes, such as Republican Sense. Corey Gardner of Colorado and Chuck Crosley of Iowa said Monday evening they were not opposed to considering this year’s candidacy. Only Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine have said the seat should not be filled close to the polls, and Romney is unlikely to keep the seat vacant this year without taking that view.

Romney said he would follow the law in making his decision to allow Trump’s candidate to be considered, rather than taking a position based on the recent siege of President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court candidate, Merrick Garland, during the 2016 election. Romney said Democrats’ arguments that the move was unfair because the opposition controlled the Senate in 2016 did not address his decision to replace Ginsburg.

Romney said it was reasonable for the GOP to make progress in considering Trump’s candidate in 2020, as the president’s party is controlling the Senate at this time.

“It’s unreasonable, because it’s historic. It’s in line with the precedent, it’s unconstitutional,” Romney told reporters. ” . “

Democrats took a different view. For the second day in a row, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (DNY) went upstairs to harass McConnell and his members. He read Republican quotes in 2016 and defended the Garland siege, throwing them in the face of the GOP four years later.

“That’s how they justified the unprecedented siege of President Obama’s Supreme Court candidate. Don’t vote in the presidential year because we have to let the people decide,” Schumer said. “Now: ‘Oh, that’s not the point.”

Marion Levine contributed to this report.

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