Roblox shows deceptive ads using its cameras

The non-profit group “Truth in Advertising” claims that Roblox uses deceptive advertising and does not accept its responsibilities to children. At the same time, there are many game worlds within Roblox (not created by Roblox), and some trade-offs are hard to avoid. However, the team is right: Mattel, Sega, Hot Weels and many more companies already have ads on Roblox. The nonprofit group also believes that Roblox has not adequately informed gamers that this type of business can be expected.

Roblox says: “Roblox is committed to ensuring that our users and developers experience a positive and secure experience on our site. We have strict guidelines for developers who want to promote or use ads within their experience, including specific rules for protecting users under the age of 13. Corruption. We have strict rules and regulatory processes in place to combat misuse of content or misleading users. We make significant investments in new ways to reward the creators’ efforts, while ensuring that the advertising experience is transparent and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Among other things, for example, in Roblox the team has difficulty because there are brand ambassadors and characters who engage in conversation with others about the brand. Roblox already assumes that it does all sorts of things according to the rules and has decided to report the truth in the ad, so the latter is not sure about this.

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