Robert Pattinson Positive Covit-19 Test Holds ‘The Batman’ Produced In The UK – Timeline

Updated with Pattinson News: Filming on Matt Reeves’ The Batman Production resumed three days ago after being suspended 5 1/2 months ago, UK production Warner Bros.. Leevston was discontinued again after one of the products turned positive with COVID-19.

The deadline has confirmed that star Robert Pattinson Member of the product team who tested positive for the virus.

Warner Bros. commented on the situation this morning:

“A member The Batman Production tested positive for Govit-19 and is isolated in accordance with established protocols. Shooting has been suspended. “The studio did not provide any further information on how to protect workers’ privacy.

Vanity Fair Pattinson was the first to report the news Thursday. Warner Bros. did not respond to a request for comment The Batman Production ”as mentioned in its previous report.

Unfortunately, this is part of the new world of filming during epidemics, and requires extra precautions and steps to continue shooting. Universal recently denied a positive COVID-19 case during filming in the UK Jurassic World: Dominion Shooting stopped, and production continues on the 60th day. Four team members are said to have tested positive in Malta, Where filming took place in mid-September, they went into self-isolation, and production returned to the second unit shooting.

To be continued BatmanDuring the initial shutdown, Reeves told Deadline that a quarter of the film was in Kane. He recently delivered a teaser with a lot of things on DC Phantom for the October 1, 2021 release. Reeves is said to have three more months to shoot.

Reeves confirms his new iteration takes place during the Dark Knight on the DC Phantom Virtual Day Batman Year Two In the comic book cycle, The Riddle, Penguin and Catwoman are shown as their early characters before they are fully realized as their iconic villains.

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