Renders of Google’s huge San Jose campus show how it can feel like a neighborhood

Google plans to build a massive new “Downtown West” complex in San Jose, and the company shares renderings Give an idea What would that place look like (Via CNBC). Google wants to make the approximately 79 acres feel less like a traditional corporate complex by creating mixed-use growth with office space, housing, parks, retail space and more.

The image we added at the top of this post is a render, which refers to something that Google calls a “gateway”. The proposed site will have a plaza for pop-up events and an amplifier that can be used by both Google and the wider community.

Below the VDA light rail corridor is a render below the quiet looking area known as the sidewalk Creekside Walk, which was “inspired and designed by Los Cados Creek.” It seems to be very nice to browse:

Image: Google

“Minder” is what Google refers to as an “urban parade” that is closed to cars and has a lawn for events, screenings and other events.

Image: Google

All in all, a lot more space will be allocated for office buildings. While there will be 5,900 residential “residential units” and 500,000 square feet for things like retail stores, restaurants and cultural centers, there will be 7.3 million square feet of office space, according to Google. 473 Page Slide Design Standards and Guidelines Tech About the proposed campus.

You can get a better idea of ​​what the entire campus will look like on this map taken almost from Google 39 minute YouTube video About the project:

Image: Google (Web light)

Websites also have additional details about this project From Google And this City of San Jose. The San Jose City Council is scheduled to consider Google’s plan for final approval in the spring of 2021.

This is not the only ambitious campus in Google works. The company has announced a $ 1 billion investment to build a New York City campus in Hudson Square In 2018 And proposed a 40-acre mixed-use area in Mountain View In September.

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