Regional transport strikes temporarily over: collective bargaining has resumed

  • On January 17, 2023, consultations between unions and employers have stalled. The employers did not want to respond sufficiently to our requests. Think about important issues such as: reduced pressure at work, breaks, more “air in the schedules” (space in the schedules in terms of time) and salaries. Additionally, employers wanted more agility/flexibility and shortened the planning process from 26 weeks to 13 weeks.

  • On January 19, union members decided to go on strike for a better collective agreement for public transport, together with colleagues who fall under the multimodal collective labor agreement.

  • Employers had until January 30 to submit better proposals. Because they refused to do so, a 5-day strike took place from February 6 to 10.

  • Even after that, the employers refused to make better offers.

  • From February 28, we stepped up the pressure by announcing an indefinite strike.

  • We read the only response from the employers in the media: “The bus drivers have nothing to complain about, after all they earn €4,000 a month”. They also tried to undermine the strike by shouting that the will to act would not be high. You know better.

  • By your will to act, you have shown that you are serious. It was very high with every strike. Employers also saw this, the front was unbreakable.

  • With the March 15 provincial election approaching, politics also began to stir. Strikes have a major social impact.

  • During the Council of Ministers on Friday March 10, an offer was made to appoint scouts to break the impasse. Partly because employers wouldn’t give an inch.

  • The arrival of the scouts was the success of our strikes. The employers were not looking forward to the “intervention” of the government.

  • The cabinet’s offer was to deploy the scouts so that a good basis would be laid for further collective bargaining between employers and unions.

  • On March 14, during our demonstration in Utrecht, it was decided to suspend the actions after March 15 to give the scouts space for their work.

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