Records of Intel’s Tiger Lake Laptop CPU launch event

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Codenamed Tiger Lake, Intel today held a launch event for its next-generation laptop CPU family. There is no new information about Tiger Lake, however if you follow us Security At Intel Architecture Day last month, you already knew most of the technical details described at today’s event.

Intel’s story about Tiger Lake’s original performance remains unchanged today, both from what the company announced on Architecture Day and the leaked i7-1185G7. Benchmarks Significant performance from the i7-1185G7 is marked by AMD’s Raison 7 4800U in both CPU and GPU performance.

Directly targeting Renoir

We did, however, see a more direct discussion of that competitive performance, however, with lateral video of gaming, Adobe Premiere, and other works supporting the intel’s claims of market performance leadership with upcoming episodes. Of course, Intel has more angles to play here than the original hardware performance of the software partnership with vendors such as Adobe Adobe, with its proprietary “value added” features such as Deep Learning Boost (Akka AVX-512).

In particular, the Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom demonstrations leaned on AI-powered features using the Intel AVX-512 instructions using the Intel OpenVino operating system and the Intel OpenVino operating system. On the one hand, this is “unreasonable” for AMD, on the other hand, we are not convinced that this is very important for someone with a workload There is Other applications that often have a software partnership with Adobe Premiere or an Intel vendor.

As Intel manages to use features like the AVX-512 in the wider application market, the fast is faster and slower – AMD needs to find a strategy to adapt and compete.

In-depth marketing focus on Project Athena

Aside from the side video demonstrating Tiger Lake’s high performance, the most interesting part of the launch event was not really about Tiger Lake – it’s about Intel’s Project Athena laptop certification and verification site and its new branding “Evo.” Very little is said about real hardware. Instead, Intel wanted to do research, listening and reporting information on how end customers use their laptops.

With minimal values ​​for goals such as long battery life, light screen brightness, quick wake-up time and more, Athena and its subsidiary Evo aim to create a guaranteed, branded user experience. Although you can not call a non – Intel laptop “Evo” – the specification requires a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU – Intel’s marketing works hard to design Tiger Lake, which is a way to achieve the Athena and full computer user experience. Evo is more than guaranteed to be a complete product in its own right.


We are reluctant to make any firm declarations about hardware – we have only seen a few limited videos from Intel, its market has been very difficult for a few years, its marketing has not always been very accurate, and it is serious Requirements Here’s a hit. Its “against the page” – Raison 4800U – is very compelling to create videos, but we will need direct third-party testing to see if the benefit shown may require an artificially shorter workload.

What we do There are It is very promising that Tiger Lake seems to be a more meaningful competitor to AMD than Intel has fielded in the last few cycles. Intel credits its core Superfin technology to most of the upgrades, and that technology applies to newer desktop CPU designs as well – so if Tiger Lake goes out well, a similar renaissance can be seen in Intel’s desktop CPUs in 2021.

We hope to get our hands on one or more Tiger Lake-powered laptops for independent testing and review in November.

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