Ranks all 8 wild card games on Wednesday

Wednesday has a lot of baseball – important, tense baseball – and if you are not careful your brain will explode. In a better world, humans would have 10-16 eyelids, so this could be seen every second of every game. Alas, we are stuck in these two.

Post-season 2020

So, we give you the spectator guide based on importance, urgency and excitement, ranking of the eight games of the day. No matter how many eyelids you have, we recommend looking at them all.

1. Astros at Twins, Game 2, 1:08 pm ET (ESPN2)
Pitchers: DPT vs. Jose Perrios
Frequently Asked Questions:
Rows, injuries, and more

அட டா. Fewer teams have faced more recent season woes than the popular duo in this series, who have lost 16 playoff games in a row. This hope was a strong end in September, as well as the first round opponent, who finished the season under .500, would break that streak, but… No, the streak is now 17, The. The longest playoff loss in American game history.

In the last office, when the duo were beaten after winning more games in owner history, was it a tough one? For a team with a losing record, imagine what it would be like to lose the 18th game in a row, which could be very unpopular in the game. It feels like a win, a post-season win, could break the dam. But they have to get one, or look outside. The twins stare at the vacuum.

2. Reds in Braves, Game 1, 12:08 pm ET (ESPN)
Pitchers: Trevor Boyer vs. Max Fried
Frequently Asked Questions:
Rows, injuries, and more

It’s hard to come up with a better pitch than this, as two National League Sai Young award contestants are using this abbreviated season as the year of their lives. But that’s just the beginning. The Reds built their list to fight this season and spun their wheels, at least for the offense, before exploding late for most of the year.

It was not ideal for the Braves, they would have played Cardinals or Marlins, everyone said. Atlanta is a group with a successful crime (Ronald Acuna Jr..Freddie FreemanMarcel Hosuna) Unlike in the game – but triggers injuries everywhere. The Braves have lost 10 consecutive post-season series since 2001 (Bound for a record), And their fans have memories of the first inning where St. Louis scored 10 runs in Game 5 last year. Last year’s NL Division series is at the forefront of their minds. If they lose Game 1, it scares too fast.

3. Yankees to Indians, Game 2, 7:08 pm ET (ESPN)
Pitchers: Masahiro Tanaka vs. Carlos Carrasco
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

Well, how did the Yankees draw this, yes? Gerrit Cole Traveling in seven innings, Judge Aaron Hitting two run homers on the fourth pitch of the game could explode the American League Psi Young winner behind a stacked line full of healthy sluggers. Do you think the Yankees are waiting for this season? Their Game 1 Wipeout It felt like the Yankees were unleashing all their powers at once, and it was tempting to think they were going to knock Carlos Carrasco As they knocked around Shane Bieber. But, as they say, the pace goes up to the next day’s opening pitcher. Again, this goes as far as baseball, which starts deep in Yankees Cleveland night. The Indians were a little shell shocked after that attacking scene. They have less than 24 hours to recover, or their season will end quickly.

4. A’s White Socks, Game 2, 3:10 pm ET (ESPN)
Pitchers: Dallas Keichel vs. Chris Posit
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

The line of A was never considered one of their strengths, but, still, There was not a basic job until the seventh inning (It happened against Lucas Giolitto In Game 1) No matter how good your bullshit is, it is not the best way to win a game. The White Sox already feel like a team that is going to beat the entire season series, so why not start now? A’s best starter goes, but this white socks line can be streaky. With the loss of A, this is their 13th loss in their last 14 post-season series, which is just as horrible as what happens to the Twins and the Brave.

5. Dodgers, Game 1, 10:08 pm ET (ESPN)
Pitchers: Brent Sutter vs. Walker Buhler
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

We’re all ready for a significant potential frenzy in this wild card round, but “the team that lost the record beats one of the deepest teams of all time, the one who desperately wants the World Series title many years later” short? ”

The Brewers have a puncture chance: they have two great relievers in the game Josh Hader And Devin Williams, They have an MVP (less than a year old) Christian Yelich Also, if they can hoard a Game 1 win, a bullshit game will open Brent Sutter, They may have a terrible starter Brandon Woodruff Game 2 is ready. The Dodgers, for their part, have a long list of killers with all-stars and seem unstoppable. But, of course, they are more than capable of losing a game, and if they lose this, the screams coming out of Dodger Stadium will be heard on the moon. Then “Clayton Kershaw Can’t come in October ”The story in Game 2 will actually be tested.

6. Rays, Game 2, ET (TBS) at 4:07 p.m.
Pitchers: Hyun Jin Rue vs. Tyler Glasno
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

Rays You thought they were in Game 1: A little beatable, not a lot, but enough to use a fantastic cycle and a complete lights-out pulp. You wonder how much of that bullshit you get in Game 2 – Nick Anderson, After 29 pitches in Game 1, it looks like it could be out this afternoon – but Tyler Glasno Has a lot of ability to carry loads on its own. To see how long they have kept the mojo in this strange year, they have their best hand on the backward Blue Zeus Mountain, which played their home games on the buffalo.

7. Cardinals in Patros, Game 1, 5:08 pm ET (ESPN2)
Pitchers: Kwang Hyun Kim vs. Chris Paddock
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

It was the first post-season game in San Diego in 14 years, which also took place against St. Louis. Patress was eliminated in that game Jeff Weaver And four pitchers, close, including a rookie Adam Winewright. The opening pitcher of Patres in that game, David Wells, Is now 57 years old.

With, the battle between the emerging butres Fernando Toddis Jr.., Mani Machado And Will Myers, And as always the Cardinals are an attractive one, especially not the pitchers you might have suspected that the starting players (Kim and Paddock) would start Game 1 completely like a week ago. But the cardinals decided to go with Winewright – he’s still here! – and Jack Flaherty In games 2 and 3, and Patress deal with injuries Dinelson Lamet And Mike Clevinger, So here we are.

8. Marlins-Cups, Game 1, 2:08 pm ET (ABC)
Pitchers: Sandy Alcondara vs. Kyle Hendrix
Frequently Asked Questions: Rows, injuries, and more

Leave your Partman jokes right now, especially if they have to be true Alex Gonzalez Jokes, anyway. (Leave poor Steve Bartman.) This series is a wild one, no one (perhaps even the players) thought there would be anyone near the playoffs against a player this season, but perhaps disappearing, the Warhors looking for a final championship run. It loses a little magnetism because it doesn’t even show the most fun pitch match in Game 1: we have to wait for Game 2 Sixth SanchezU Darwish War.

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