Rangers sign Jack Johnson on NHL free agency action

If the Rangers were right about Jack Johnson signing the contract on Friday, then everyone else in the NHL would be wrong if the Penguins made a $ 1.15 million deal after being bought from the final three seasons of his contract.

The phrase “fought hard” was coined to describe Johnson’s two seasons in Pittsburgh. Nevertheless, after seven years with the Penguins, this summer he signed with the approval of Bluesshirts assistant coach (defense) Jack Martin and President John Davidson, 33, who played the same role at Columbus. Plus seasons with blue jackets.

In this case, the acquaintance did not cultivate contempt.

Johnson may have been physically inclined. He has 937 sporting experiences in his NHL career, starting his third overall selection in 2005 with Hurricanes. He finished 35th in the NHL in blocked shots over the past two seasons. But he has a problem with speed, he doesn’t drive the game, his coverage is questionable and his external numbers are the worst in the league in the last two years. His stay at Columbus ended in 2018 when the Blue Jackets’ six games to the capitals scratched the entire first-round playoff loss.

General Manager Jeff Gordon did not address the media on Friday, indicating that it could soon come off the blueshirts fairly quickly, adding four perspectives on the first day of the free agency (Kevin Rooney, Colin Blackwell, Anthony Greco, Johnny Brodzinski); A defenseman (Anthony Pitto) and a goalie (Keith Kingide) to meet the exposure terms for the AHL Hartford Depth and Seattle Expansion Draft 2021.

It’s hard to put into context what Johnson signed. If it’s a third pair boy, he’s getting as much shelter as coach David Quinn needs, that’s one thing. But if the team thinks he has a key role to play as Jacob Troop’s left-wing partner, that’s another matter.

Johnson plays on the left, which includes Ryan Lindgren, Brendan Smith and hopefuls Libor Hajek, Kay Andre Miller and perhaps Tormo Reunen. But on Wednesday, Gordon said the team discussed discussing whether to move Adam Fox or Tony de Angelo to their side on the left.

In such a case, the right side will be filtered to the trope and the left to the aforementioned right wingers (Fox or Diangelo). 2020-21 is not the right opportunity to knock on the door. So if Fox or Diego changes, the Rangers will need another perfect defender.

It is unlikely that both Johnson and Smith will be on the list. If they had, their combined cap win would be $ 5.5 million, only $ 200,000 less than Mark Stahl he started earning before he was traded to Detroit. Remember that Rangers sent the second rounder of 2021 to the Red Wings to complete that deal.

If Smith is discounted to AHL, his 35 4.35 million cap fee will be reduced by $ 1.075 million. But the team then has to add a seventh defenseman, who will skip the saving. Gordon Smith can be tackled while retaining half of the charge.

This time it was very dim. It’s hard to believe it’s not coming yet. Diangelo can still move. It already has the highly controversial decision to buy Henrik Lundkivist, Stalin’s trade, Alexis Lafrinier’s first overall choice… and sign a polar defenseman for only one year. And 15 1.15 million.

We will see.

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