Rahim Morris blames himself for Todd Curley’s touchdown mistake

USA Today

The Falcons are running behind Todd Curley Was “Hell crazy“His late touchdown on Sunday against the Lions led to Detroit’s comeback victory at one point in the game.

Morris said he considers Kurley to be in a difficult position, takes him by the hand and tells him to run to the 1-yard line, but stop before the goal line crosses.

“I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again, I think I was wrong For putting the dot in that place, ”Morris said Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s a little harder than me, you think you’re going to stop going in. Obviously, that’s it… Matt RyanHands and knees as I said before. This may be the biggest regret from the game. . . . I know I said it clearly [the media]. I made it clear to the team. Moving forward, we will never make that mistake again. ”

The Falcons have found some unique ways to lose this season, but it could have been even weirder. For the first time in NFL history a team deliberately allowed its opponent to score a touchdown, then come back and hit its own touchdown to win.

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