Question to Obama? It’s possible, he’s coming to Amsterdam

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, is coming to Amsterdam. And not for taking a canal cruise or visiting the Rijksmuseum. No, the former president comes to tell his life story and he has chosen a modest place for this, namely the Ziggo Dome.

An evening with President Barack Obama will be called the event, which will take place on May 1. The concert hall announced today that the former president will tell his story in the Ziggo Dome.

Barack Obama at the Ziggo Dome

It should be a story about “resilience, overcoming obstacles and fighting injustice”. And the former president, now 61, addresses his audience to “inspire them with their thoughts on the future of leadership”. Attendees can also ask questions of the former leader afterwards.

Amsterdam is not the only place. Berlin and Zurich are also on Obama’s tour schedule. His wife Michelle preceded the former president. In 2019, she also entered the Ziggo Dome stage. His autobiography was there at the time Become central. But this time it’s my husband’s turn. Although this is not the first time for Barack on a Dutch stage. The former president also appeared on AFAS Live earlier. This time, the former president chooses to appear alone on stage.

Success of the Obamas

Obama didn’t exactly retire after his presidency. He has written several books and is now a well-known speaker at major events. In 2018, the Obamas founded a production company called Higher Ground Productions. Barack and Michelle have had success with this company before, winning a mega deal with streaming service Netflix. According Economists they got $50 million for it. The couple are also hailed around the world.

And his daughter Malia Obama is not left out either. For example, 24-year-old Obama co-wrote a new Amazon Prime Video series Swarm.

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Question to Obama? It’s possible, he’s coming to Amsterdam

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