‘Quarterback’: A documentary about three important NFL quarterbacks is now on Netflix

Netflix has another richer sports documentary. From now on, you can access the streaming service for Strategist. This series follows three National Football League quarterbacks in the United States. They are Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), Kirk Cousins ​​(Minnesota Vikings) and Marcus Mariota (Atlanta Falcons).

Thanks to the success of sports documentaries such as Formula 1: drive to survive Netflix has become one of the best streaming services for sports related content. After the Formula 1 documentary also followed Breakpoint about tennis, At his best on golf and Tour de France: Unleashed on cycling. So now Netflix has gone for an American approach with Strategist.


In Strategist a film crew follows three different National Football League (NFL) quarterbacks. A quarterback is an offensive player who is often considered the most important figure on the field. He is the playmaker and captain of the team and is therefore also responsible for transmitting signals.

So there is a lot of pressure on a quarterback and that also shows in the new Netflix documentary. The players are also seen as the face of the team off the pitch and that also comes with a lot of responsibilities. For example, they are the point of contact for the press and most criticism is directed at them. The exact influence this has on a player is also discussed in Strategist.

Three central characters

The series follows three quarters of the 2022 season. It is about Minnesota Vikings veteran Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota who seems to change teams often and is therefore often on the lookout for superstar Patrick Mahomes. The latter won the Super Bowl with his Kansas City Chiefs earlier this year.

Watch the trailer for Strategist here:

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