PS5 Showcase Event: $ 400, Nov. 12 Release, Spider-Man: Miles Morals, PS Plus Collection

Sony has told us everything you can think of about its next generation video game console, the PlayStation 5. We know that there is a future ahead of Star Trek Starship for devices with curved pages that can be viewed at home. We know that there are special trigger buttons in the control world that give us feedback on the objects we interact with in the game world to feel like they are here.

The only things we don’t know are what its price is and when it hits store shelves.

Until now. The company announced Wednesday It will charge $ 400 (360) for its “digital version” $ 500 (450) for its version, without a disk drive. Both consoles have identical chips and other hardware, Sony said. The device will be launched on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia (although not priced), New Zealand and South Korea and on November 19 in other parts of the world. In advance Starting Thursday.

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Sony PS5 reveals price and release date


Sony discussed its event high games Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales And Final Fantasy XVI, both of which are exclusive to the PlayStation. Sony has not said when the 2020 Holiday shopping season will begin with the Spider-Man console, while Final Fantasy XVI will launch.

The company also showed Resident Evil Village, The eighth installment of the popular horror franchise, and its success teased the new sequel to the 2018 action adventure game God of War.

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PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Testing the Inside Glass …


Now that the release date and price have been announced, the upcoming consoles of Sony and Microsoft mark a key moment in the video game industry, which is moving to newer devices Promise faster chips and new features Create games with a more complex or realistic look.

Anyway, without telling us the basics like Sony and Microsoft pricing and release date, they have long been making jokes in the products to solve the next gen consoles. At the beginning of the year, we knew the devices would be launched during the holiday shopping season.

Missing information turned into a joke whenever I talked to Sony and Microsoft teams. I ask the question as often as I can, reminding them of what I need to ask – of course they agree that I should ask. PlayStation President Jim Ryan And Xbox President Bill Spencer Got the question too.

Rumors sprouted that Microsoft and Sony were playing the chicken game, where who would blink first, while others announced the risk of adjusting their prices. Whatever its value, both companies have repeatedly denied it.

But after a series of leaks about Microsoft’s entry-level Xbox Series S, the company says it will launch with its powerful Xbox Series X They will cost 9,299.99 and 99,499.99, respectively, starting November 10th. They are also available on a $ 25 per month and $ 35 per month plan, including access to a bundle of the company’s gaming social networking and other subscription services.

Sony has also announced its PlayStation Plus collection, a library of PS4 games such as the one available directly for Microsoft. God of War And Unmarked 4: The end of a thief. This game is available to subscribers for its monthly 99 9.99 PlayStation Plus gaming service.

Microsoft 99 9.99 Xbox Games pass per month The service is often referred to as the “best deal in gaming” for offering more than 100 games. Now Sony clearly wants to take it. Sony does not offer a direct competitor to Microsoft’s 99 14.99 per month, the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate subscription, which provides access to many of the games in its library on consoles and PCs, as well as capabilities Stream many of those topics.

Sony showed

Final Fantasy16, No release date announced.

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Sony unveils first Final Fantasy XVI trailer


Spider-Man: Miles Morals, Coming holidays 2020.

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Insomnia shows the first game from Spider-Man: Miles …


Hogwarts Legacy, Coming 2021.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Coming holidays 2020.

Resident Evil 8: Village, Coming 2021.

Deathloop, Coming 2021.

The Devil May Cry 5: Special Version

Otward: Soulstorm, Coming holidays 2020.

Five Nights in Fredericks: Security breach, No release date.

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The first trailer for five nights in Freddis: Security breach …


Souls of monsters, No release date.

Fortnight, Available at launch.

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Sony has unveiled the Fortnight in Unreal Engine 4 …


PlayStation Plus Collection, Coming holidays 2020.

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A collection of PS5 PlayStation Plus games has been revealed


Correction: Jim Ryan, head of Sony’s PlayStation division. Jack Ryan is a fictional spy for the CIA. The previous version of this story mixed the names of two men.

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