Protest against mask requirements held in Utah Capitol

Salt Lake City – Protesters gather at Utah State Capitol on Saturday to protest Recent changes in corona virus guidelines Gary Herbert and from the state Department of Health. In particular, guidelines surrounding mask requirements.

“We are against the mask order,” Jet Burnham said. “Masks are not anti, but may be against forcing them.”

The New guidelines require masks In districts across the state where the spread of corona virus is considered to be high. Burnham said he felt it was not the government’s job to publish such demands.

“What is the job of governments?” He asked. “It is about protecting life, liberty and property.”

One of the groups at the demonstration was the proud boys of Utah – the ones listed One of the five active hate groups In the state by the Southern Poverty Law Center – compared to the mask requirements with the government carrying one person’s guns, among others.

“Those are things that happen in other countries,” Burnham said. He is the self-described “chaplain” of the Pride Boys’ Salt Lake City episode. “They happen in socialist countries, but they don’t happen here. This is an independent country,” he added.

For some, mask requirements are a The best way to prevent it from spreading The virus, especially in Utah, is seeing a high number and hospitalization. But others, like Jacob Ispel, said the mask requirements were not legal.

“It’s completely illegal,” Ispel said. “Governor Herbert, or even the different districts, issued lock orders and tried to do it to impose fines, which is illegal. Let the people choose themselves.”

However, some jurists point to several Supreme Court decisions – such as the 1905 case Jacobson v. Massachusetts – It supports the power of a state to issue public health orders.

At a recent press conference, Governor Herbert pointed out the fact that the guidelines are public health orders rather than orders issued by the government.

“It’s an ordinance,” Herbert said. “This is the mandate of our Utah health department. We’ll all be safe and help keep our economy afloat. There’s nothing bad about this. This is a good thing.”

Pride boys like Burnham say the government should focus on balancing life and liberty when it comes to public health guidelines and requirements.

“You can’t save lives, you can’t take away freedom and property,” he said. “So, if they need a big facility to save lives, even if you have a big house they can come and take you to your house, right? They can’t do that. Well, I think so. [with] The best they can do, “he said in a statement.

Various groups had gathered at the Capitol on Saturday, but they all shared a similar message. They felt that the new guidelines represented a violation of government in the lives of the people.

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