Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges Britain to follow rules to avoid being locked up

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves for the PMQ on September 30, 2020 at 10 Downing Street at the House of Commons in London, England.

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LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday called for rules to be followed to avoid strict corona virus restrictions as the country is caught up in a rapid rise in the number of corona virus cases.

“The best way to protect the NHS, save lives, and move our children to school and the economy is to follow the rules wherever we live,” Johnson said.

“I don’t want to go back to a national lockout where the overall guidance is at home,” Johnson said in response to a question sent from a member of the public. “This is not what we are saying. We want to move the economy, we want to keep young people and students in education. But we can only do that if we all follow the guidelines and lower the virus.”

The prime minister, who has since apologized for confusing the government’s own corona virus rules, spoke at a televised news conference with the government’s chief medical officer, Chris Witty, and its chief scientific adviser, Patrick Valens.

This comes shortly after the country recorded the highest number of Govt-19 infections since the outbreak.

The UK reported 7,143 corona viruses reported on Tuesday, more than the number of new cases when severe nationwide locking operations were in effect in late April and early May, although daily Govt-19 tests are now being conducted daily. Spring.

The UK recorded a further 71 corona virus-related deaths on Tuesday. The highest number of Govt-19 deaths has been reported in the UK since July 1. Europe has the worst official death toll and the fifth highest corona virus death worldwide.

On Wednesday, there were 7,108 new cases of corona virus in the UK, with an additional 71 related deaths, the same number of deaths reported on Tuesday.

‘Discipline and Resolve’

Downing Street had previously announced that housing mixing in the Northeast of England would be banned from Wednesday evening, following a sharp rise in the number of confirmed cases in the region.

The government also advised residents of the region to avoid mixing in hotels and restaurants with those outside their homes.

Johnson, who became particularly ill when he contracted Covit-19 earlier this year, has called on the public to “summon discipline” to follow the latest list of corona virus rules.

In a broadcast to the nation on September 23, the prime minister outlined new restrictions that could last up to six months, saying “more violations have taken place”.

In the UK, the regulations include stricter rules on face masks, and halved the number of people allowed to attend weddings. Pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues were said to be closed by 10pm, while the fine for violating the new rules was raised to $ 200 (6,256) for the first offense.

Hospitality venues should also be closed initially in Wales and Scotland, while Northern Ireland had already banned mixing indoors.

Tens of thousands of people in the UK are now subject to local restrictions in an attempt to slow the spread of the corona virus.

Nevertheless, two weeks into the so-called “circuit-breaker” lock to bring the virus under control, pressure has been mounting on Johnson, with leading Conservative lawmakers speaking out against the possibility of further action.

If the number of Govt-19 cases and related deaths continues to rise, Johnson has suggested that “the government should have the right to go further” with stricter regulations.

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