Popular AI software now creates ‘even more realistic’ images

Mid Road is a software widely used to manage artificial intelligence (AI) based on written numerical commands create works of art. These types of online image generator tools have rapidly gained popularity over the past year. Other well-known AI art generators are Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

THE new edition 5 Midjourney was released this week and should make the images even more realistic. Among other things, the makers promise “much higher image quality, wider stylistic range, support for seamless textures, and wider dynamic range.”

Comparisons with the two previous versions of Midjourney show that the images of the new fifth version are indeed much more realistic. This makes skin textures, facial features, highlights and shadows more realistic.


A weakness of these types of AI art generators was also addressed: manual generation. “Hands are now mostly correct, with five fingers instead of seven to ten fingers on one hand,” says designer Julie Wieland. against ArsTechnica. Yet it turns out examples that even the new version sometimes makes mistakes with hands and fingers.

Midjourney is free, but there are also subscriptions for users who need quick treatment more often.


The AI ​​models of these image generators have been trained with billions of online photos and images of artworks. Some American artists sued the creators of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion in January. They argue that using artwork to train AI models is copyright infringement.

Additionally, creators of AI-generated text and images cannot claim copyright themselves, the US Copyright Agency said recently. The Amazon online store is now flooded with digital books created with AI.

The advance of AI is also raising concerns about the consequences for employment in the creative sector. Artists, illustrators and designers are protesting the AI ​​trend via social media with the hashtag #ArtByHumans.

A Midjourney user shared the result of this order: A quirky Dutch teenage girl in a 1970s mountaintop restaurant. A piece of hot cake with whipped cream and a cup of coffee on the table.

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