Pokémon GO routes are now available for all players! I haven’t done it yet though

Niantic has just announced that Pokémon GO Routes is live for all players worldwide. To be precise, this applies to hiking routes that have already been created. However, route creation is still ongoing for a few select players and is being rolled out in phases. We don’t know how fast this is happening. The following things were announced:

  • Pokémon GO Routes is now available for everyone
  • You can start routes from your Nearby menu (we don’t see them yet, it may take a while before they’re live for everyone)
  • When you are in the area you can start and walk the route
  • Along the way you can find Zygarde Cells to eventually create a Zygarde
  • You get the following bonuses:
    • A badge when you run the course for the first time
    • You get Buddy Candy faster
    • Incense is more effective the first time you run a route
    • You get extra XP for each first route you complete each day
    • You get extra friend hearts for completing a route

We’ll post a guide later on exactly how it works!

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