Platter 249 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates | ‘Cyborg vs Blenkov’

Bellator 249: “Cyborg vs. Blenkov” is set to air tonight (Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020) from the Mohegan Sun Theater in Ancosville. In the ad against “Anchorfist” Arlene Blenko (13-7).

The main cover of the Platter 249 will be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network at 10 p.m. Below is the full cover and detailed play-by-play results for the TV section of Platter 249.

Many readers check to share their thoughts on all actions before, after and after fights. Leave a comment (or 249) about the matches and chat with all the other maniacs during the show – it’s always so much fun!

Pellator 249 Quick results:

Chris Cyborg vs. Arlene Blenkov – Active.
Ricky Plates Against. Leandro HigoHiko Sub (RNC) 2:32 R2.
Steve Mowry Against. Shawn DeedMaori TKO 4:22 R1.
Chad Awad Against. Mandel is goodNo match 1:41 R1.
Albert Gonzalez Against. Gastriat SheemaGonzalez DKO (Retired) 5:00 R2.
Christian Edwards Against. Hamza SaleemEdwards Sub (RNC) 1:28 R2.
Kyle Crutcher Against. Kemran Lachinov |Lachinov UT 29-28 X3.
Andrew Ship Against. Joseph GrierShip DKO (Physician) 5:00 R2.
Mike Kimble Versus Damon BlogshireBlockchain Supplement (RNC) 4:14 R2.
Aviv Kosali Against. Logan NeilKosali Sub (Kimura) 3:22 R1.

Bellator 249 Play-Play:

Chris Cyborg vs. Arlene Blenkov

Cyborg tonight 22-2, 1 N.C. His opponent was Blenkov 13-7.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final result:

Vs. Ricky Trace. Leandro Higo

Hiko topped the black trunks and blue gloves, 19-5, for this fight he came in three pounds over 139. Pandejas officially paid a pound and weighed in at 136. He plays with red trunks and gloves and walks in “ready or not” by The Fugees. His pro record to date is 13-4. Hico leaves Natal, Brazil. Pondicherry fights from Coconut Greece, Florida. Responsible referee Kevin McDonald.

Round 1: Rapid plate action takes place. Pandejas throw a kick and Hiko walks away. Bandejas circle his arms and allow another kick to go. The boundary between the two is felt with caution. Pandejas finally land a kick in the minute. They exchange feet. Hiko leads him towards the fence. At 1:57 Hiko doubles down and holds Pandey on his butt. He crushes Pandeyja into a cage while looking for a way to pass. Pondicherry tries to roll backwards out of danger, but Higo is above him in throwing rights. Hiko grapes in the morning and moves to full swing at 4:04. He goes for the neck, but leaves it. Pandejas tries to push the fence with his feet, but can’t do it. Hiko tries to submit late, but Bandage puts it to the clock. 10-9 Higo.

Round 2: Bandage opens round two with a leg kick. Hiko continues to drive Bandejas towards the fence. Bandage joins with right hand and left jab. Hiko enters and takes Pandey around the cage like a cup, before finally knocking him down. He seems to take the back and go inside the hooks. At 2:12 he is butterfly and in complete control. He fishes for the neck and gets 2:32 at submission.

Final Result: Leandro Higo Submission (Back Naked) 2:32 In Round Two.

Steve Moore vs. Shawn Deed

Shawn Deed (6-2-1) topped the MOP’s “Ant Up” strains in black trunks and blue gloves. Brownsville! Brave’s house. Steve Mauri (7-0) enters the POD “alive” with blue trunks and red gloves. Both are 28 years old. Maori reaches 79 ‘with 6’8 “and Deat reaches 6’5” 77 “. Toms River, N.J. Mowry fights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Referee Kerry Hadley.

Round 1: Tap the gloves between the big guys to get started. Maori initially tries to assemble Deet. He supports him towards the fence and tries to switch to Deed Jab and to the left. Maori stays with him and kneels down. The left and right hooks are connected. Deed tries to charge and to no avail. 90 seconds are gone. Maori knocks down his opponent and lands with another knee. Deed eats the left hook when he tries to charge again. Deed lands two left jabs. Mowry kicks the legs. Maori clinics and descends in the middle of a knee. Deed is pressed into the fence. He circled at 3:06. Jab from Maori. Right hand. Jab right back. Leg kick. Maori dominates the offensive output of this round. Deed misses the bulk with the right hook and eats one in return. Deet and Hadley with a crushed knee in the middle wander out of the fight after a few seconds.

Final result: Steve Moury won the first round by a technical knockout at 4:22.

Chad Awad vs. Mandel Nallo

Avot, 37, 23-13, with gray trunks and red gloves, leaves San Bernardino, California. Coming out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Nallo is 7-1 and 31 years old, wearing black trunks and blue gloves. Our referee is Kerry Hadley.

Round 1: Four seconds while tapping gloves. Nallo immediately kicks Avot on the knee. He keeps hitting the same leg and shaves Avadh’s head with a kick. Nallo leaves him at 0:59 a split second – he is immediately backed up and pushed into the fence. Nallo takes him to the ground at 1:31 a second, and again Avad goes upstairs again. Avot crashes from left knee to hip and Hadley calls for time. It took so long for Awadh to heal as the CBS Sports Network went into a commercial break, and by the time we got back he had doubled in pain in his knees. Avad tries to get his feet back, fails, and Hadley walks out of the game.

Final result: No competition Due to an accidental hip strike at 1:41 p.m..

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