Phillips sees an increase in injury claims around ventilators in the US

Phillips sees a rebound in the number of personal injury cases in the United States. Hundreds of individual claims have now been filed by Americans due to health complaints related to the recalled Philips inhalers and breathing devices.

The number of personal injury claims in the US has increased by 150 since April of this year. In a presentation of Phillips results for the first three months of this year, the counter was still at four hundred individual cases, according to US data. Now against 550. Phillips confirms that there is an increase against it EDThe team currently has 530 cases.

Possible mass claim
In addition, Philips has been sued in mass claims cases by users of the affected devices in countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. About 50,000 users have now signed up for a US court-approved mass lawsuit. These are people who have not yet made a personal injury claim, but may do so in the future. That means the number has increased by 10,000 since April this year, the Eindhoven group confirms.

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