Peters vs. Dodgers – Game Recap – October 6, 2020

Arlington, Texas – Justin Turner The Los Angeles Dodgers began their National League Division Series at New Park.

Patient Dodgers has previously drawn up nine free passes Mookie Bets They had their first win in the sixth inning, and they continued to advance Corey CaesarTuesday night at N.L. Its sacrifice flies in the 5-1 win over West rival San Diego Patres.

“We didn’t have a lot of wins in the beginning, but we picked the best bats and we made them work,” Turner said, drawing two bases on the balls. “Our guilt is greatest when it happens many times when we win.”

Mike Clevinger He made only two pitches in the second inning of his postseason debut for Patrice before leaving with the same elbow injury that sidelined him in the first round. San Diego’s heavily worked bulb could not keep up with the zeros – or could not keep the runners grounded, leaving Patres with only four wins.

The Texas Rangers’ top five series game in the new ballpark 2 Wednesday night.

When Chris Taylor, The No. 9 batsman in the Los Angeles line-up, came out on top in the sixth in a 1-1 draw with the Dodgers ninth walk through 27 batters and the Peters were already in sixth pitcher. Bets doubled the left-field corner to break the no-hitter, sending Taylor to third and setting up Seeker’s sock fly.

“We felt it was a matter of time.” Cody Bellinger Said. “We grind, it’s a good team win.”

Los Angeles finished sixth with all the wins, including Turner and Bellinger’s RBI singles. He scored another run on a wild pitch and the Dodgers drew their 10th walk, the highest match in a nine-inning NLTS game against Atlanta in 1997.

In fourth place the Dodgers took an undiscovered run, with Pellinger making two outing errors after two walks by rookie second pacer Jack Cronworth, reaching a wild pitch earlier in the inning.

Dustin May (1-0), a 23-year-old Dodgers right-hander who grew up about 30 miles from Justin, Texas, scored three runs over two perfect innings in relief. Walker Buhler. Kenley Johnson, As the fourth reliever, finished with three hitters for Los Angeles.

Garrett Richards (0-1) Gone after giving Bets the win. Rookie manager Jayce Dingler was similarly sacked by Blade referee Lance Barrett for arguing balls and strikes.

“Bottom line, we lost the war on strike zone on both sides,” Tingler said. “We knew they were a decent team, they didn’t chase. At the same time, we had dangerous chances and they made some big pitches to get out of some congestion.”

With the injured openers Clevinger and Thinelson Lamet out of the first round, Patres became the first team to use at least eight pitchers in three consecutive playoff games. Nine relievers joined in a four-win shutdown in Game 3 Clinker over the St. Louis Cardinals last Friday.

Nine pitchers in a nine-inning game is a post-season record, and Patres has now made three appearances in four games.

Cliveinger missed the start of his last regular season on September 23 after an inning with an elbow trigger, but was added to the Patterson’s 28-player NLDS list earlier on Tuesday, having been named as Starter for Game 1. Herky-Jerky right Hunder, who bought from Cleveland in the nine-player trade on Aug. 31, walked two and threw a wild pitch first without a score.

After Cliveinger started the second match 2-0 at Bellinger, Tingler and a coach visited the mound and the pitcher left after a brief conversation. It was his second opening start on Sept. 13 after winning two of seven innings full games.

Cliveinger said he felt tight at first when he faced Caesar in the first inning and did many things to stay relaxed before going out in the second.

“It was almost like a NASCAR pit stop,” Clevinger said. “I tried to pursue it. It didn’t.”

The pitcher was rated after the game, and Patres did not rule out a potential return on the series.

Buhler hit eight runs, but the right-handed batsman, who handled the blisters throughout the year, needed a season-high 95 pitches to get four innings. He walked four and allowed only two singles.

That includes Austin NolaTwo out of the fourth place went to RBI single home Will Myers, Who happened before stealing the second site.

Beauhler pitched an out-loaded base in the second inning at the ground where the Patriots started the Grand Slams record series in four games in a row. With the strikes, Buhler left the congestion Professor of Jurixon And Leadoff Hitter Trent Grisham, But finished the innings with 53 more pitches and more strikes (27-26).

Grand Time

By the time he arrived in Texas on August 17, Patres had lost five games in a row, but had scored four major slams in a row against the Rangers – two of which were roofed off at the new stadium, while the next two games were played by San Diego. This is the start of a seven-game winning streak that marks the end of the season for the N.L. Westil pushed Patres to second.

Rookie Introduction

Patress Rookie left hand Ryan Weather He made his major league debut by throwing an innings without a 1 1/3 score. The 20-year-old became the second pitcher in two days of weather, with MLB in the playoffs following Tampa Bay relief. Shane McLaughlin Monday night against the New York Yankees. Weather was the seventh choice in the 2018 amateur draft. He is the fifth player to make a playoff debut in major league history.

Scoreless streaks

The Dodgers pitchers threw 14 consecutive unbeaten innings until San Diego came on board in fourth place. Los Angeles has only three long lines in the postseason, up from 21 in 2016 in a row. … The Patterson pitchers took it 13 places in a row, with the exception of one of those innings, by a relief, run in the fifth before the Dodgers were found.

Coach’s room

Patress: When Clevinger briefly returned, Lamat (right rope tightness) was dropped from the NLDS list. Lamet, who left the start of his last regular season on Sept. 25, has been playing catch, but has yet to throw a leash.

Dodgers: INF Edwin Rios has been dropped from the NLDS list due to a hip problem. Manager Dave Roberts, Rios created a play on his right and threw first during a workout on Sunday.

UP Next

Clayton Kershaw, A three-time NL Sai Young Award winner who still lives in nearby Dallas, is playing an MLP game in Arlington for the first time in his 13 major league seasons with the Dodgers. Patrus did not announce a starter for Game2.

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