PDS ‘RM learned English from watching this 90s sitcom

He likes to write music and hang out with his dog. While he is abroad, RM often acts as a translator B.D.S. Because he is bilingual. Here What this rapper By looking at a popular 90s sitcom – he told me about the unusual way he took a second language.

Among the PDS members who speak English fluently, R.M.

He can rap in English and Korean. As head of PTS, RM often acts as the team’s spokesperson and translator, putting his bilingual skills to good use during interviews. Since its introduction, some of the other members of this K-pop group have taken up the second (or third) language.

Jungkook Shared He often trains and studies with the goal of having a conversation with a foreigner before the end of the year. Their latest release, “Dynamite”, was sung entirely in English by BTS members.

However, this is not the first time V has released a solo song, “Winter Bear,” a year ago. According to RM, while abroad, the rapper watched a popular American TV series and discussed how he picked up English, and even visited the set while in Los Angeles.

PTS members RM and Jimin | Fact / Images via Getty Images

How did RM learn English?

Graph- During one Interview Ann Ellen DeGeneres Show, The head of BTS explained how he became fluent in English.

“I taught English myself. My English teacher is Sitcom Friends. In the days when I was 15, 14, making Korean parents watch their children was like a syndrome Friends. I thought I was a victim at the time, but now I’m lucky. ”

“Thanks to my mom, she bought all the seasons on DVDs, there are ten of them,” he continued. “First, I saw it with Korean verses, and the next time I saw it with English verses, I deleted it. I love Friends. ”

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R.M. told James Gordon how he learned English

When RM described how he learned English through this sitcom Late Late Show with James Gordon, Jin and Suka had some thoughts on how it was managed. They were in the back of the car Karpool KaraokeHowever, RM did not listen to them.

“Well, I’ve seen it FriendsEven, but I can’t speak English, ”Jin said. Suka smiled and said, “Me too. I enjoyed watching it. ”

“Me too, it was fun,” Jin replied, then Yongki, ‘he memorized it to read. “

The “Dynamite” music video is now available on YouTube. Music by BTS, including a recently released album Map of the soul: 7, Available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and most major platforms.

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