Patriots in Chiefs Score: Patrick Mahomes marches after early struggles, hoarse bench for Jared Stidham

The Kansas City mayors advanced 4-20 to start 2020, defeating the New England Patriots (2-2), 26-10 in sets at Arrowhead Stadium. The final score did not accurately draw a picture of how close this game was as it was not a sharp night for the defensive Super Bowl champions. Nevertheless, W.

Patrick Mahomes struggled early, but the clutch came late, helping to separate Kansas City from New England on back-to-back touchdown drives in the final two quarters. For those patriots, it was a tough night as Brian Hoyer took charge of Cam Newton, who was sidelined for the match after testing positive for COVID-19. He finished 15 of his 24 passes with just 130 yards, touchdowns, a pick and a stumble before being replaced by second-year quarterback Jared Stidham.

Both defenses played better in this as they were able to consolidate turnover and 16 points each in the first three quarters, but Kansas City’s offense arose just in time for the dismissal of Bill Belichic and company. As we place this game in the books, check out our key trips below.

Why Kansas City won

The firsts were able to withstand a hard start attack and flip the switch late in the second half. After Brian Hoyer’s defense stumbled in third, Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City on an 85-yard run, resulting in their first touch of the game. This triggered the back-to-back Down Down drives for Andy Reid’s crime, which was enough for the defense to help put off the crime of a humble patriot. Speaking of that defense, they were able to create four turning points in the night, including the Big-Six taken by Tyrone Mathews to completely destroy any talk of a return with Jared Stidham under the Center for the Patriots.

While this was not one of his strongest performances, the Mahomes crossed 236 yards and finished with 65 touchdowns and 65 completion percent. He too rushed for 28 yards. Clyde Edwards-Hailer had his best game since starting, rushing for 64 yards and catching all three of his goals for 27 yards.

Why New England lost

The Patriots won themselves by surprise – a rarity for the Phil Belich team. The first example was in the opening run of the game for Kansas City when defender Devin McCurdy dropped what was the easiest interception opportunity he had ever had in his career. The Chiefs were not able to take full advantage of that missed opportunity, but left a field goal.

The next two misdeeds fell into the hands of Brian Hoyer. As time went down before half time, the Patriot starter took a sock in the third and 9th instead of throwing the ball. This pushed the clock to three zeros in half and forced the Patriots – the first in the 10-yard line – to move away with zero points. On Hoare’s night the nail in the coffin came in a piece-sack, which occurred deep within the Kansas City limits, then pushed under the center of Jared Stitam.

New England’s final significant dust – and eventually proved the difference – was a pass from Stidham who hit Julian Edelman’s hands. The senior receiver could not pull it off and the ball was soaked by Tyrone Mathews, who took 25 zones to the final zone to give Kansas City a 26-10 lead. It’s basically a ball game.

Turning point

After a hard start to the game, Brian Hoyer seemed to be entering a rhythm in the third quarter. He finished five of his six passes for 57 yards as he carried New England offense to the Kansas City five-yard line. It was at that point, however, that the senior quarterback made his second return in the game and stumbled across the Kansas City 16-yard line.

The Chiefs recovered and proceeded to go on a seven-play, 85-yard run, resulting in the Tire Hill Touch Down reception. Stidham was replaced by Hoyer in the ensuing England movement.


When the Patriots were on the losing end of the game, Jared Stidham threw the night away: a blur for N’Keal Harry in the corner of the final zone for continuing the team’s first game. This was Stitam’s first impression when he came to bench Brian Hoyer, which he deserved to borrow a little considering the shortage of delegates he received throughout the week. He crossed just 60 yards and finished with that touchdown and two interruptions, but that toss could have been a small flash for the long journey.

Damien Harris’ 41-yard sprint on this drive, after being inspired again for the second year in early 2020, ran 100 yards at night.

What’s next

From here, the Patriots will head back to Foxborough and get ready to host the Denver Francois at Gillette Stadium before the 6th week. According to the Chiefs, they will be sticking around Arrowhead Stadium and waiting for the Las Vegas Riders to arrive. The game against New England, which is in the middle of a short week to prepare for Las Vegas, began a tough extension for the defensive Super Bowl champions, who will then visit the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night football to begin Week 6. More than a week.

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