Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamil face off in the Uber Eats ad

Movie stars Mark Hamil And Patrick Stewart They have brought an unexpected turn to the “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” competition because they are looking at their food orders upside down.

The series of commercials attracts the stars’ involvement among the most popular science fiction owners.

The first ad sees the couple approaching each other in a dark warehouse. Hamil, who played Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars”, holds a baseball bat, while Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in “Star Trek”, hit a cricket bat.

“Tonight, I’m going to have a vegetarian cheeseburger in Ciabatta, no tomatoes,” says Hamil.

Stewart replies: “Tonight, I’ll eat four cheese tortillas with extra tomatoes,” emphasizing the long “a” in his English accent.

“Stewart, so it’s here,” says Hamil, before their food arrives and disrupts the scene.

Not to be outdone, the couple then raises their arms.

John Boega calls Disney a black character for sale, eventually pushing them aside

“Be careful, Hamil, Daddy’s not here to save you,” teases Stewart, referring to Skywalker’s relationship with his father, Darth Vader.

“Oh I’m my dad,” Hamil says, pausing between the two.

“come again?” Says Stewart. “What are you talking about?”

“I didn’t know I got that right,” Hamil replied. There are two more commercials in the series.

Uber's distribution service is now larger than its riding business

One shows Stewart emerging as the winner in the game of Air Hockey, and the other winning the Connect Four game in Hon.

In August, Uber announced that its distribution service, Eates, had become the company’s largest source of revenue.

Eats’ revenue reached $ 1.2 billion in the second quarter, doubling a year earlier, the company said.

Meanwhile, Uberin Rights business revenue fell 67% to $ 790 million. Similarly, total bookings for rides declined by 73% during the period, while they grew by 113% for eats.

“Our distribution business alone is now as big as our rights business when I joined the company in 2017,” CEO Tara Kosroshahi called to discuss the results. “We have built a second superstructure in three years.”

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