Passengers on a flight to Utah get into a physical fight over a face mask policy, tense video footage

An Alligator Air flight to Utah turned into a fight scene when a passenger reportedly refused to wear a mask covering his nose and mouth.

Another passenger on the plane, Riley Lansford, shared footage of the collision, which he said began on board an Instagram video.

Warning: Graphic language in video

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The plane was en route from Mesa, USA to Provo at the time of the fighting. According to Lanceford, a passenger sitting behind her was wearing face shield and refused to wear the mask after being asked by flight attendants.

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Lanceford said the flight attendant responded “compliantly” and would not wear a mask yet.

His refusal led to an argument between a passenger sitting near Lansford and a man who refused to wear a mask.

Lansford did not identify any of the passengers, but he referred to the man who refused to wear his face as “A” and the person sitting next to him as “B” on his Instagram share.

Passenger B is said to have constantly argued with the person and used slander with other passengers. Lanceford said at one point in his story Passenger B was drunk.

The animosity between the two passengers grew until Passenger A got up, Lansford believes, and passenger P swayed. Both were involved in a physical argument over seats. In the video, you can see a team member calling security.

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The incident happened over the weekend at a budget airline based in Las Vegas.

Lanceford said passengers A were removed from the plane, while passengers B were allowed to go to the final destination.

Lanceford praised the flight attendant for handling the condition of the plane, and said one of the aides told her they had witnessed several such collisions with passengers who refused to wear masks.

In a statement from Alliant Air to Fox News, the airline confirmed the incident and explained the need for its mask.

“Envelopes should be made of a solid material, covering the entire mouth and nose, fitting against the face, and protected under the chin. Restricted envelopes include exhaust valves, holes (such as lace or mesh), neck girders, and bandages. Additionally face shields can be worn, but not as an alternative. “

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The plane is said to have landed safely in Utah.

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