Passenger arrested at JA Pengel Airport who tried to smuggle a large sum of money out of the country – Dagblad Suriname

Passenger DW, who was preparing to travel abroad on Tuesday May 16, was arrested during checks by authorities at JA Pengel International Airport. The man attempted to smuggle a large sum of money in euros out of the country.

Two other suspects, QL and LZ, were arrested at the airport on May 14, as they had also attempted to illegally export currency from the country.

This year, 12 people have already been arrested by authorities at JA Pengel International Airport in Zanderij, all of whom had tried to smuggle foreign money out of Suriname. This group also includes the couple RR and SH who were arrested on Tuesday May 2 with more than 23 times the authorized amount in euros. A third suspect in this case is wanted.

The police bring to the attention of the community that by General Order No. 225 of August 31, 2022, the physical import and export of values ​​from USD 10,000 or the equivalent in other monetary currencies , per person, by residents of Suriname and by residents of the Member States of the Caribbean Community referred to in Article 32, paragraph 5, of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, is prohibited.

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