Paris Implements Ban on Pony Rides for Children in Response to Animal Rights Campaign

Paris to Ban Pony Rides for Children over Animal Welfare Concerns

Paris, known for its picturesque parks and attractions, will soon bid farewell to pony rides for children. City officials have announced that starting in 2025, pony rides will be banned in public parks. The decision comes after extensive campaigning by animal rights activists who claim that the ponies are mistreated and deserve a better life.

For decades, pony rides have been a beloved feature in Paris parks, captivating the hearts of children on weekends and during school holidays. However, campaigners argue that behind the seemingly innocent joy lies a harsh reality. According to them, ponies are subjected to long work hours without breaks and lack access to fresh water and hay, raising serious concerns about their well-being.

Critics point out that these rides often reduce ponies to mere entertainment objects, robbing them of the opportunity to form an emotional connection with humans. To bring attention to the issue, a petition launched by Paris Animaux Zoopolis (PAZ) garnered an impressive 8,400 signatures, indicating widespread support for the ban.

Responding to growing concerns, City Hall introduced a charter in 2021 aimed at ensuring the well-being of ponies. As part of their commitment to improving animal welfare, they have decided to phase out the licenses of ride operators. The move will effectively halt pony rides in Paris parks from 2025 onwards.

In defense of the pony ride industry, the director of AnimaPoney, a company operating pony rides in Paris parks, argued that the ponies are well taken care of and only work around 150 days per year. Nevertheless, advocates for the ban remain firm in their belief that ponies deserve a life free from exploitation.

While some Parisians are skeptical of the ban and emphasize the joy that pony rides bring to children, the decision has sparked calls for City Hall to provide a detailed explanation for their actions. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the potential impact on other horse-related activities such as horseback riding and the mounted police force.

As the ban on pony rides takes effect in a few years, Parisians are left grappling with conflicting emotions. While many support the move as a step towards improved animal welfare, others worry about the loss of a cherished childhood experience. City Hall will likely face mounting pressure to address these concerns and explore alternative activities involving horses that can continue to provide joy to both children and animal lovers alike.

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