Palestinian President Meets Ronald Lauder of the World Jewish Congress in the West Bank: Report

Palestinian Met with President Mahmoud Abbas World Jewish Congress West Bank President Ronald Lauder told Reuters a Palestinian minister on Saturday.

The talks follow Lauder’s call for renewed peace talks between the two groups.

On September 16, Lauder, a US businessman and heir to the SD Lauder companies, told the Saudi newspaper Arab News that he believed that the White House-led agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and that Bahrain could renew talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

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The Middle East has seen a shift in attitudes towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, indicating a fatigue in some Gulf states overcoming the Palestinian cause.

In a recent interview-historical speech recorded by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence, the prince called the Palestinian cause “legitimate,” but said its “lawyers’ failures” had been proven “to be successful”. The Wall Street Journal reported.

“The Palestinians are still occupying,” said Jordan’s former foreign minister, Marwan Musharraf. “Even if Israel signs peace agreements with all Arab countries and does not agree with the Palestinians, you are not going to achieve stability in the region.”

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Someone familiar with the issue told Reuters Lauder’s visit was neither coordinated nor pro Trump Administration, and White House No statement or comment was released.

A Palestinian official told Reuters anonymously that Lauder did not carry a message from the White House.

The second Palestinian constituency, Abbas, last month discussed his call to the United Nations for a UN-led peace conference early next year.

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In a statement, the World Jewish Congress said Lauder met with Abbas “for a private visit at Abbas’ invitation, to discuss various issues related to Palestine and the Middle East.”

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