Palestinian leader Abbas faces US deals; The United Arab Emirates has said it expects an initial negative reaction

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas It called on the UN on Friday to reject the US plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, while slandering recent US brokerage agreements between Israel and the two Gulf states.

In a previously recorded video message, Abbas complained that “the PLO has not given anyone the mandate to speak or negotiate on behalf of the Palestinian people.” He said the only path to peace was an independent Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

UN Palestinian President Dismisses Trump’s Federal Peace Plan at Security Council Meeting

“We will not kneel or surrender, we will not deviate from our basic positions, we will win,” Abbas said, speaking behind a plaque that read “Palestinian State.”

In a move that could further isolate themselves from the Trump administration’s peace proposals, Abbas announced his own plan, which called for an international peace conference early next year.

Abbas is then a historical figure Chord of Abraham Earlier this month in Washington DC, the Israelis signed an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain – the first such peace agreement between Israel and an Arab country since Jordan and Israel signed an agreement in 1994.

Those agreements see the normalization of relations on a variety of issues, including security, tourism and communication. They were hailed as a breakthrough in the region.

At a White House ceremony, President Trump described it as “the dawn of a new Middle East.”

But Abbas warned: “There will be no peace, security, stability and coexistence in our region as long as this aggression continues.”

In a statement, Israeli UN Ambassador Glad Erdogan said Abbas’ speech was no different from previous speeches that continued to provoke the Jewish state.

“What is clearer than before is that Abbas is pessimistic because he knows the time has come for him to go,” he said. “He realizes that the peace agreements we have signed with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have shattered the Palestinian veto on separate peace agreements between the Arab world and Israel.

Trump ‘a new Middle East day’ as he leads over signing of historic deals

“All that Abbas showed was that the Palestinian rejection continued,” he added.

Following the speech by Abbas and Anwar Karkash, the UAE Foreign Minister explained to reporters that the signing of the agreement with Israel was polarizing in the Arab world, but “we have not lost a single friend.” We did not get an enemy. “

As for the Palestinians, Karkash initially said he expected a Palestinian reaction, “there is a kind of mentality now.” But in the long run, he believed the UAE could help the Palestinians “more and more.”

What is Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan?

The foreign minister said the Palestinians were not helping by marginalizing themselves: “Being out of the room doesn’t really help.” You have to be in the room, you have to fight in your corner and you have a lot of friends to support you, ”he said.

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When asked by Fox News what would happen if the Israelis decided to move forward with the merger, he said he did not see a scenario for the Israelis to retreat, especially since the United States had mediated the deal, which would make it more difficult for the Israelis to withdraw now.

But he said he did not see the suspension of the merger, and told Fox News, “That’s why I think the Palestinians need to come back to the negotiating table.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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