Options for extending the COVID-19 test Santa Barbara County; 19 new cases reported | Corona virus crisis

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department Efforts to explore options for expansion were announced Thursday COVID-19 Test capability on the South Coast.

“We are actively working to ensure that the test is available nationwide,” Director of Public Health Van Do-Rhinoso told a news conference.

Public health officials are looking at other options to expand testing capacity in South County, “demand is usually high,” Do-Rhinoso said.

He acknowledged that meeting at the government-run COVID-19 test site in Colette was “somewhat challenging.”

His comments are coming soon District officials encouraged all individuals to undergo the test, And the demand for a corona virus test was higher than the availability of an online appointment at a government-run site in Colette.

Government-run COVID-19 testing sites are located in Santa Barbara County Colette Valley Community Center At 5679 Hollister Ave., in American Medical Answer 240 E. Hwy 246, Suite 110 at Powellton, and Santa Maria Fairpark, 937 Thorneberg St..

Click here For more information on how to plan a test meeting on a government-run site.

Several weeks ago, California officials acknowledged that sites in several districts had been booked weeks in advance. This made it difficult for community members to obtain an “immediate appointment,” Do-Rhinoso said. “As a result, they only released the booking system for two weeks at a time.”

Other testing sites are available in the county. The government-run COVID-19 test site is “one of the many places you can be tested,” Do-Rhino said.

To find the test location, Click here to view the California COVID-19 site.

Public health officials are advised to call the checkpoint before coming to the meeting.

District public health officials are urging residents to contact their health care provider for guidance and access to testing for anyone who becomes ill or suffers from COVID-19 symptoms.

Government Gavin Newsom The family has approved the first law, which “will cover all clinically necessary COVID-19 related maintenance costs, including testing,” Do-Rhinoso said.

Those without health care providers are encouraged to visit the county public health department Site “See if you deserve care in one of our clinics,” Do-Rhinoso said.

The COVID-19 test is an “important tool” to help public health officials understand the spread of the virus in the community, he said, adding that testing has been “the focal point of our broader strategy to get the box on the virus” the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“The importance of the experiment is that we are aware of the presence of COVID vulnerability in our community and cannot underline our ability to help victims,” Do-Rhinoso said. “The government has shown us this time and time again by directly linking test rates with higher payments for reopening.”

Santa Barbara County 19 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported Thursday.

County Hospital admission numbers for COVID-19 patients Seven of the intensive care units were reduced to 28. The number of COVID-19 ICU patients on Thursday is the lowest since the end of March.

The total death toll was 109 as of Thursday, with 106 people in the community and three in the community Lombok Federal Prison Complex.

The number of active cases has dropped to 172 from 179 the previous day, and the county ‘total COVID-19 has risen to 8,803 cases. Of the 1,116 test results obtained in the past day, 1.7 percent were positive in the county.

Of the new cases, seven were reported in Isla Vista and four each in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Lombok.

There is Santa Barbara County Wide (purple) layer, With a case rate of 9.1 per 100,000 residents, Do-Rhinoso said. Districts in the purple layer have more than seven new cases per 100,000 residents, or a positive test rate of more than 8 percent in seven days.

Do-Rhinoso said there are an average of 42 new COVID-19 cases a day from August 30 to September 5.

“This means an increase of about six new cases a day from the previous assessment period,” Do-Rhino said, noting that Santa Barbara County had been purple for two weeks.

The state system consists of four color-coded layers and evaluates districts weekly, with reports scheduled for each Tuesday. The new tier report allows for changes in departments, schools and activities in California districts.

To go to the red tier and calculate any adjustment factors, Do-Rhinoso said the county should reduce its daily new cases to less than 31.

“By achieving this goal in two weeks, we can move to the red layer,” Do-Rhinoso said.

On Thursday, district public health officials stressed the importance of the flu vaccine. Piez Patsen, director of disease control and prevention at the Department of Public Health, said a flu is essential to keep a community healthy during COVID-19 outbreaks.

A flu shot is recommended every year, but “this season, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it is very important to get a flu shot to protect yourself, your family and your community,” Patsen said.

Last year, nine people over the age of 65 died of the flu in Santa Barbara County, Batson said.

Batson said healthcare providers are taking extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of patients in the midst of COVID-19 infection.

She had a clear message – “We urge you not to wait. Vaccinate. ”

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Santa Barbara County Public Health Department September 17

Different from the previous day

Total positive cases 8,803 +19
COVID-19 related deaths 109 + 0
COVID-19 patients in county hospitals 28 – 2
COVID-19 ICU patients 7 – 1
Total test results 138,012 + 1,116
New cases were reported on September 17th Area active cases Cases reported in bulk by area Deaths have been reported in the area
Southern County: Montecitto, Summerland, Carbindia 0 1 187 7
Santa Barbara and Mission Canyon 4 23 1,183 13
Schooner 0 9 245 4
Isla Vista 7 24 207 1
West Colette Valley and Caviaota 0 10 192 1
Santa Yines Valley 0 8 142 5
Lombok, Vandenberg Village, Mission Hills 4 22 785 8
Lombok Federal Correctional Complex 0 0 1,024 3
Santa Maria 4 46 3,778 59
Orkut 0 9 305 3
Northern County: Guadeloupe, Guam, New Guam, Gary, Cosmalia, Cisco 0 9 385 5
Location pending 0 15 307 0
Santa Barbara County Total 19 172 8,803 109

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