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News Item | 09-03-2023 | 12:22 p.m

6 Obsolescence Protection Plan ChinookTransport helicopters for sale Billings Flying Service out Montana In America. The family business specializes in aerial firefighting. State Secretary Christoph van der Maat writes this to the forum.

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Chinook transport helicopter.

Ministry of Defense rejects CH-47D aircraft, now has 20 new aircraft Chinooks CH-47F MYII CAAS type. They are housed in the Defense Helicopter Command.

Not for Ukraine

Van der Mat considered the old Chinooks Transfer to Ukraine, but it is not clear to him. They have a specific cockpit, which is only in use in the Netherlands and Singapore.

“This makes it difficult to deliver education and training in an international environment,” writes van der Mat. “Additionally, the unique cockpit makes future maintenance and upkeep more difficult because international cooperation is not possible. Billings has been operating with the CH-47D for some time. ChinookThe helicopters have been disposed of by the US military.

Within 3 months

It is not only about the sale of helicopters, but also about the sale of spare parts and flight test equipment. The sale of these 6 Chinooks had already been approved by the Committee on Defense Material Sales (CVTM) in December. The purpose is to contract with Billings Flying Service Dominen Rorende Sagan of the Ministry of Finance should sign in March. Delivery at a time to be determined later.

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