NYC Sheriffs break up indoor weddings with nearly 300 guests

New York City Sheriffs broke into an indoor wedding reception with nearly 300 people in Queens on Friday evening, officials said.

Shortly before midnight, delegates were cut off by an anonymous complaint about social distance violations at the Royal Elite Palace in Catering Hall, where officials found “large crowds entering the premises.” NBC New York.

Upon arrival, delegates found 284 guests violating state and city corona virus controls, the NYC Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet.

NBC New York reported that the wedding featured live music and exchanged food and alcohol without following social distance guidelines.

Videos and photos were posted on social media and tagged to the location on Friday night, showing a crowd full of party goers without masks. NBC News could not confirm whether the pictures were in the same group when police broke up the marriage.

The meeting was disbanded by deputies, and the sheriff’s office said several charges had been laid against the hall’s manager and owner. The manager received four quotes, and two were awarded to the owner for violating the mayor’s emergency corona virus action.

The wedding venue did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The bust comes amid warnings from Mayor Bill de Blasio and health officials to stem the recent rise of the Covit-19 clusters in Brooklyn and Queens. A few hours before the test on Friday, health officials warned that new locking controls could be implemented if explosions could not be contained.

“This may be the most dangerous moment we have faced since we were locked out,” Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi told a news conference on Friday.

“We will move as fast as the situation guarantees,” he said. “If this growth continues, it will become widespread throughout the city.”

On Sunday, NYC health officials identified the Govt-19 eruption in eight neighborhoods The city-wide average has increased 3.3 times in the past two weeks. Woodsite, where the site is located, is not listed in the neighborhood pages at risk of closure.

Last month, a Indoors, nearly 65 guest weddings in Maine Was found to be associated with Deaths of seven who did not attend, And infection of 176 people who attended a wedding or received the virus second hand as a result of someone attending the wedding.

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