Nintendo Switch argues that joy-con gliding is “not a real issue”

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Joy-Khan glide has been a recurring theme throughout Switzerland’s life, but Nintendo is said to be arguing that this is “not a real problem” and “does not cause any inconvenience to anyone”. Oops!

According to US law firm Simigals Swartz Griner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK & D), previously contacted consumers (via email) are now said to have experience with the Nintendo Switch to provide video accounts describing how the Joy-Con glide personally affected their impact.

“Thank you for contacting our law firm about the Nintendo Switch Joy-con slip case. We are working on assembling a collection of video clips from Nintendo Switch owners like you as a way to give voice to the joy-con slip issues you have experienced. This is not a real issue for anyone or anyone. This will help us respond to Nintendo’s arguments that it does not cause carbon.

“In an effort to humanize and demonstrate these issues and their impact on consumers, it would be helpful to submit to us a short (90 seconds or less) video describing your experience with the Joy-Khan skid. Under your control.”

It is all tied up with a filing company Class action lawsuit against Nintendo In July 2019, Switch Controllers accused the video game company of “alleged defects” and unfair and deceptive practices.

CSK & T wants all video accounts by October 16th and plans to share them with Nintendo’s lawyers and representatives.

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