Nintendo goes after the dictatorial influence of adults in Pokemon branding

Pokeprincxss, a Dictoc user with 1.9 million followers, has been forced to change her name and repay some of her revenue following the Nintendo shutdown and withdrawal.

As first announced SportsPokeprincxss, now known as Digital Princes, was recently contacted by Nintendo shortly after it tried to trade its own username. Her business ventures were said to infringe her copyright on several fronts, including hers PokemonSales items she sells, such as related name and t-shirts Pokemon letters.

Slightly understandable, but then, there are countless other people selling shirts and mugs and prints featuring Nintendo characters No. Stop and opt out, so what’s the difference here?

In addition to her Dictok follows, Digitalprincxss is running successfully Only fans The page where he posts regular adult content.

“Nintendo does not want people to think that I’m in any form, form or affiliation with them, or that I have a partnership with them, it’s all just adult entertainment for me,” he says in the explanatory video below:

“Nintendo is a family-friendly company, so if people think that I and they are affiliates, they don’t want to ruin their reputation or anything.”

“It’s really absorbed, but from a business standpoint I have to understand and accept it, because I’re fucked up,” he says, adding that he has been using the name for eight years now and that his latest trade and branding efforts are not evil against Nintendo, it is done because he does not understand the law .

Speaks with கோட்டாக்கு, He adds “I like it Make it clear that I am not trying to play the victim in the situation, and I hope to be someone who can teach people from those who did not make the same mistakes I did. ”

“I still love Nintendo and will always support them.”

“That’s a good thing, it’s … the ones who made my childhood so cold, they finally noticed me! It just took me a while to transcend everything about them.”

In addition to the name change, she had to repay everything she did to sell any item with Nintendo’s copyright.

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