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Today marks the most important date on the calendar! It’s Election Day in the United States, so if you haven’t already, go out and vote.

Oh, and the 2020 NFL trading deadline is set for the East at 4:00 pm today. Will we see any meaningful action or will it be a quiet news cycle with COVID-19 issues?

Either way, we will post it all Philadelphia Eagles And the league-wide news associated with this NFL trading rumors tracker. New updates will be posted above.


[2:00 PM ET] – Very quiet day according to rumors, as you say! But it is from us NFL Insider Mike Carafolo: “There have been reports and cheers from both sides – the Eagles will be active sellers and active buyers. What I can tell you is that with two hours left here, my expectation is that the Eagles will do nothing. But Howie Roseman, he’s here in a row, he’s in a soft spot, things are not right, he’s been talking about redoing the list since last year. I think he sees if he can get a guy at a bargaining rate, so the Eagles got into a lot of talk as they always do, I think it led to a lot of rumors, but I expect a lot of action கவில்லை. Certainly nothing from the Eagles based on the conversations I had with some sources. ”

[8:42 AM ET] – If you miss it on the weekend, the Eagles There are Still said to be asking for offers To Alson Jeffrey (Shock!). They were also asking for concessions Sock Erts And Deesin Jackson, Who can not trade now because of injured reserves. There is the Eagles Is said Done Bow parks Available.

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