NFL injuries can lead to hand shaking, finger pointing and confusion

According to conventional NFL wisdom, there are two reasons for any sudden injury rash: high-intensity practice, and insufficient high-intensity training.

Several top NFL stars suffered significant injuries on Sunday. San Francisco loses 49ers quarterback Jimmy Carpolo, Pro Bowl defender Nick Posa, Raheem Mostert and others Victory over the Jets. Carolina runs behind the Panthers Christian McCaffrey suffered an ankle injury It is expected to sideline him for four to six weeks.

The giants are running behind Sakoon Barkley tore his anterior cruciate ligament and threw it, Just like the Seahawks Defender in Seattle Bruce Irwin, Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton et al (including Posa). They are the biggest names to come out in a weekend.

In a typical year, Sunday’s injury outbreak will be partly blamed on the severity of the season – rigorous training camps and meaningless advance games in which players inflict unnecessary punishment. This year, Sunday triggers injuries to blame Lack of games in advance And a Infected-disconnected off-season It takes a while to get in shape.

In the early weeks some players are not very prepared because of advanced training practices and compressed training camp. It is also irresponsible to make decisions based on a few isolated incidents. After all, conventional wisdom suggested that the NFL Games would be a kindergarten fire drill and the muddy mess of the medieval peasant uprising because it canceled all those important seasonal rehearsals. In fact, the play was crisp for the first two weeks. Also, week 1 (according to NFL standards) was relatively low on injuries.

Some teams have been hit harder so far than others. For example, the Broncos, All-Pro defender Van Miller suffered a shoulder injury during camp and Quarterback True Lock for two to six weeks, in addition to Sutton and others.

Fingering in personal trainers or organizations is inappropriate. Team-wise training rules vary greatly under normal circumstances, and will certainly vary further as coaches and team staff adjust as they fly. While most companies use excellent sports science to keep players close to the football format, a few may have told the guys to go straight to the slots to rub some dirt on the contagion.

Some teams have bad luck with bad rot, even when jogging on spring walks. Los Angeles Chargers, for example, are lucky that their entire rookie draft class does not electrify themselves when logging into zoom meetings.

The new turf at MedLife Stadium has been a suspect in this week’s injury mystery, with 49 players referring to it after Sunday’s game.Sticky”And“Trash. “Subtle imperfections on the playing surface can have a major impact on the performance of elite athletes in extreme efficiency and effort, which explains why jet planes are not affected.

NFL Medlife is said to be investigating the situation In advance of the 49ers-Giants game on Sunday. If the turf really exacerbates injuries, 49 players Joe Montana and Jerry Rice should be called up from retirement.

While Sunday’s list may seem unusually long, the addition of big names often turns out to be a big story that hurts. The losses of Barclays and McCaffrey in particular are a huge blow to millions of fantasy football enthusiasts. Forget the 49ers or the Broncos: The real crisis this week is that your cousin Carmine Mettuchen murder hornets will use all of their imaginary discount points.

Even this year’s NFL injury increase seems to be slightly behind the schedule. There is the annual cry for early mitigation or elimination in mid-August, at the exact moment, with some significant premature injuries and increasing boredom with the training camp news of afternoon TV game-talk hosts.

In years past, the same players who were injured on Sunday could have been injured weeks earlier in a game that didn’t even count his team’s record. It would not have caused their injuries personally or less devastatingly to their owners, but that time would have made the news less immediate and dramatic.

The simple fact is that most football injuries are not caused by disruptions in the conditioning procedures or the friction coefficient of the playing surface, but by the fact that large humans crush each other at full speed. For example, Pittsburgh Steelers defender Butt Dupree injured Lock when he hit his shoulder on the ground. Posa’s leg twisted when pushed back by a blocker with a pile at an unnatural angle. Nothing that happened in June or August can really protect them.

The disconnected off-season is a contributing factor in some cases, but the league’s infectious practices also indicate that teams are more capable of dealing with injuries than they are in a typical year. Training groups are expanding, wound balance protocols are more flexible, and teams are (theoretically) ready to call on free agent reinforcements whether to play with a corona virus outbreak or a bunch of high ankle sprains.

So, while the 49ers ‘playoff hopes are in jeopardy, the Giants’ latest restructuring plan is in jeopardy and many famous players are facing challenging rehabilitation for weeks or months at a time that will have no greater impact on the league than many of the current NFL injury rash others have had in the past.

Meanwhile, the annual debate over whether the pre-game period is effective or harmful is fully prepared for players to play without causing unnecessary inconvenience until sports medicine finds optimal practice practices. NFL coaches will reject those practices because they are too scientific and not enough like “real football”.

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