New Zealand Lo-Fi musician George Pham pursues his dreams

George Pham said it was not easy to achieve his goals successfully, but he loved the trip. He was born in Timaru, New Zealand and is currently completing his secondary education there. He is known as a musician who makes Lo-Fi beats.

George is a musician who has influenced many people through his music and the creation of new rhythms. Music gives it new life and a new path. He uses music to express all of his feelings, emotions and challenges in a very creative and unique way. He expresses his emotions to others in the form of words and music. The music was inspired for him by many different artists of the genre, Lo-Fi caught his interest in late 2019 and inspired him, giving him the chance to try it out for himself.

According to George, the support from his friends, family and community has been incredible. This gave him the drive and motivation to continue making and releasing music. George tells Maxazine that he got personal help from his music teacher at his school, taught him the basics of production, and got him started.

George has a great passion for music and devotes most of his free time to it. George also tells Maxazine that he not only makes music for himself but mostly for listeners and that his music is made around the comments and reactions he receives from others, he keeps track of all the comments on his music and works to improve it. He has devoted much of his time to music at a time when children have no idea what they want to accomplish in their lives or what will happen to them in the future. But George was fully aware that the road ahead was going to be difficult, his desire to learn drove him to enroll in college, and it was one of the most memorable days and best decisions of his life. . .

George’s journey will undoubtedly inspire you to do great things in your own life. George quotes: “Keep in mind that nothing good is easy; it takes time, effort and a positive mindset. Keep believing in yourself and keep following the dreams of your heart.


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