New NASA posters share galaxy horrors for Halloween

CNN – Although our universe is full of wonders, it is equated with horror.

Colorful posters, such as vintage horror movie commercials, highlight these cosmic fears in a recent release from NASA’s Exoplanet Research Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

The posters are free to download from NASA Site, They are also available in Spanish.

Released in time for Halloween, the posters shed light on the dangers and mysteries around the universe. Agency and a SoundCloud Playlist That includes the horrible sounds of the place.

Previous posters highlight the wonders of our own solar system and the planets or planets that can live outside our solar system, where they imagine how humans will one day come to these distant places.

But the events described in these posters are a little worse.

Posters combine fictional art descriptions with intriguing science. Teams of artists and scientists have been collaborating with them since 2014.

NASA’s latest additions Galaxy of horrors The poster collection includes the elusive dark matter, a deadly gamma ray burst and the “galaxy”.

The galaxy tomb poster shows an old galaxy where star birth abruptly stopped a few billion years after the Big Bang. Now, this is the graveyard of rotting stars and the only remaining stars are small and red, which emit a red glow.

“Dare to enter, and you will face the scary corpses of space planes or the ultimate death of once powerful stars,” says the JBL title.

The “Gamma Ray Coles” poster shows what happens when dead stars collide: a gamma ray explodes. This is one of the most powerful eruptions in the universe.

“The beams of destruction are unleashed in their unfortunate environment, shining a million trillion times brighter than the sun for 30 terrifying seconds. No spacecraft can save you from the blinding destruction of gamma-ray demons!” The text in this poster says.

Then there is the dark thing. This invisible gravity provides the structure for the universe, but scientists do not know what it became and for many years tried to find a “particle” of a dark object.

“One of the things I really like about these posters is that if you spend a little bit of time studying art, if you learn a little more about each of these topics, you will find that there were a lot of ideas by the artists. Said in the statement.

For example, the spider web used in the poster of the dark object is a brilliant reference to the cosmic web structure of the universe, which binds the galaxies together, we cannot see.

The gamma ray poster illustrates the danger of being trapped near a collision between dead stars and their potential to unleash.

Judy Ragusin, an astronomer at NASA’s Goddard Space Aviation Center, who discussed the posters, pointed out how rare gamma-ray bursts are – so they are unlikely to affect Earth.

NASA says a gamma-ray burst only goes into our galaxy once every 10,000 years, but we only see them every 10 million to 100 million years.

“Poster art is the most fun way to imagine this happening,” Raguccin said. “But I don’t want to be that astronaut!”

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