The “Take a Break” podcast series has also done a number of “How to Retire” episodes. The episodes are packed with advice for those considering taking a sabbatical. In Take a Break, the podcast tells someone in each episode about the longer break they took or will take. And how it often became a “life-changing” experience.

The seven “how to retire” episodes are more practical in nature. For example on:

  • How much do you need for an interim pension?

  • How a break can also save money or even bring in money.

  • How to decide where to go on sabbatical.

  • How can you handle this with school-aged children?

  • Smart savings tips (with guest Robin Seetz from De Spaarpodcast).

  • How to arrange it with your job, your home and your budget.

  • Investing to get your budget together (with guest Martijn Rozemuller from VanEck ETFs).

  • Do short bear work on the road.

Take a break, the podcast started last summer and has just finished its first season, which consists of ten episodes. With more than ten thousand ‘plays’, the podcast seems to fill a need. The diverse stories from the guests are infectious for those considering taking a longer break. For example, actress and blogger Lieke Pijnappels says she temporarily gave up her acting career for a solo trip to Australia, Cosmas Blaauw shares his story about traveling through New Zealand with his wife and teenage boys then that he was running a start-up and Jojanneke Vellekoop explains that she and her boyfriend sail around the world for a year, having never crossed the North Sea before.

Regular guests are Luuk Roks (30), entrepreneur and father of two who himself would like to take a longer break, and Sjaak Zonneveld (56), an expert by experience who has already taken provisional pension four times ( and coined the term ) and wrote a book about it.

The podcast is an initiative of BrightPensioen and Geuren en Kleur Media, which is also responsible for the production. BrightPensioen has been an intermediary pension promoter from the very beginning. Because taking a break from time to time gives you mountains of energy. And you keep working (until you’re really sick of it) much more fun.

image by Editorial Baaz