Netflix disconnects ‘Basic’ subscriptions: when will the Netherlands?

Earlier today there was an article on FilmTotaal about Netflix. The streaming giant promises not to adjust its prices for a year, but now it looks like they will earn more in many countries. How is it possible?

Well, the streaming service has decided to no longer offer the Basic plan. Previously this was no longer available in the US and now the UK has to move away from it as well.

More expensive
This means that it will automatically become more expensive. Thus, new users can now choose between a Standard subscription with advertising or a Standard or Premium subscription.

On the Netflix page, there is the following information about it: “The basic plan is no longer available to new or existing customers. If you are currently on the Basic plan, you can continue to do so until you switch plans or cancel the plan“.

Other subscriptions
New customers can choose from the following plans: the cheapest is the Standard plan with ads. You have to pay seven dollars or five pounds a month for this. You cannot download with this subscription.

The next ad-free subscription but immediately much more expensive: $15.49 or £11 per month, but again supports downloads and offers the option to add an additional sub-account.

Originally, the Basic plan fell between the two options listed, although it was an ad-free plan for a single user. Previously, Netflix in Canada stopped offering the basic subscription.

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