Nazi shipwreck discovered in Poland may solve amber room mystery | World News

Polish divers say they have discovered the wreckage of the German World War II ship, which will help solve a decades-old mystery about where the Amber Room is. A dressing room looted by the Nazis from a Tsarist palace in Russia.

This room, decorated with amber and gold, was part of Catherine’s Palace near St. Petersburg. It was last seen in the Baltic port city of Kிக்nigsberg Germany But now the Russian abode of Kaliningrad.

Karlsruhe steamship departed from Knicksburg in 1945 with a heavy cargo before Soviet warplanes sank on the coast. Poland.

Divers from the Baltitech group say they discovered Carlsrue’s wreckage.

“We have been searching the ruins since last year when we realized that there may be a very interesting, undiscovered story at the bottom of the Baltic Sea,” Tomas Stacura, one of the divers, said in a statement.

Divers say military vehicles and several crates of unknown contents were found at Carlsrue's location.

Divers say military vehicles and several crates with unknown contents were found at Carlsrue’s locations. Photo: Baltitech / Reuters

“It simply came to our notice then. We discovered military vehicles, porcelain and many more with unknown contents. ”

Karlsruhe was involved in Operation Hannibal, one of the largest sea evacuations in history, helping more than a million German troops and civilians from East Prussia escape Soviet advance at the end of World War II.

The ship left Koenigsberg with a large cargo and 1,083 people on board, according to documents.

“It simply came to our notice then. The discovery of hitherto unknown German steamers and grates at the bottom of the Baltic Sea may be significant throughout the story, ”said Tomas Swara, one of the divers.

The Amber Room was built in Prussia and later given to Peter the Great Russia As a gift in 1716.

The Nazis disbanded it and took it from somewhere to Konigsberg When disappeared Allied bombings in the city. Many believe it was destroyed. Russian artisans have created a replica of the room in Catherine’s palace.

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